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Monday, August 27, 2018

Far from love.

Love is the deepest feeling that we shared with someone we love. Love is the most exciting and amazing part in every journey we have. Love is the essence of  feelings that we enjoy. Love conquers everything!

Have you been fall in love to someone?

This maiden real journey of having in love with someone is quite hurtful. In her early stage of being had a relation with a guy whom she falls in love, gave her a traumatic experienced that caused her a different kind of suffering and failures in life.  This maiden actually, is the most loneliest woman who never stop to fight the battle she had been facing of. Yes, loving  him is the most enjoyable moment she had, it was the most unforgetable  memories she cherished and those moments they had remained deeply in her heart.

Yet, the world changed the position of her feelings. A hurtful message from someone she loves most, made her die, her heart had been covered a hateful feelings and it became a desease to her, causing her to cry for every  wrong decision she made.

 It was hard to choose in the middle of  uncertainties and discomfort.  Her heart tried to change choices but her emotions conquered by fear, niether she choose the one she loves who are willing to accept her  being, despite of her weaknesses nor  she should remained to the person she never love but she lost her purity.   Her decision agonized so much pain and fear which led her to voluminous failures in life.

Many years gone by, this maiden's became a fighter and stronger, maybe because of different failures she gone through.  Years and many years has gone, her journey in life changed, though she became busy in her life, she never fails to pray for the man she longed for.

This man who conquered her heart from the start they met. The first and the last man that she wants to be own and to live with, forever. A man who makes her happy and in his arms she felt security by his love.  A man that she prayed for.

She never stop praying and wrestling God's help. praying to the one she loved and desired to be with him forever. In her journey of waiting caused her hopeless. Hopeless, in the sense that she has no knowledge about his whereabouts,   thinking if  his love to this maiden still in his heart, but she was reminded always of his last sweetest  word she heard from him, "kahit maputi na ang buhok mo, kapag tayo'y muling magkita, mamahalin at mahalin pa rin kita", he did'nt knew that words became her armed to hope of waiting.

Sometimes, she ask herself, until when she will  wait for him? Is he far from love? Can she still own his heart?   She was afraid of those question created by her mind.

But she never lost her hope that someday their steps will lead them in a right time and in a right place to meet again. Until one day, those questioned and prayer became a breakthrough and real.

How can she forget's this date? The most awaited time in meeting him, unexpectedly, when she saw this familiar face, her heart was fully occupied by excitement, hope and love.  Meeting her  lost love made her sleepless, until she realized that their journey begins here...

Do you want me to continue the most beautiful journey of a maiden's love story?

This might be a very sweet and lovely when they started to communicate with each other..

Folks, their love story never ends here.. Their journey starts here. 

Thank you for dropping by in a Maiden's Testimony! 

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Lainybelle said....

Hi Ate V,

It's been so long! Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post with me. I hope I wasn't intruding too much on this emotional piece of your being.

I felt the Maiden is sharing a lonely testimony about the feelings of hurt and disappointments of the past.

It's a normal feeling Te V and I am glad you're able to share it with me despite our distance. You know somehow I'd be there for you eventhough not physically.

Seek God's guidance; He will lead your path to never-ending happiness. I thank this man for bringing some hope and love into your life. I wish you both all the happiness in the world that you truly deserve.

Love and miss you!


star chuu said....

@Lainybelle, thank you so much for being there always to listen my thoughts, my heartaches,my dreams, my failures, my joy and happiness. I am so much blessed of our friendship and relationship. You'd become my sister since then, thank you so much for the prayer and encouragement, madam Lainybelle. I always pray that God will guide my heart and He shall put His desire in my heart. Thank you so much for dropping by in a Maidens Testimony. Love and miss you Madam! hugs.

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