Monday, April 8, 2019

Essence of Life

She is a  pretty old woman of which her existence made her vulnerable. 😂 Life for her is not as easy go lucky like other, this maiden's journey had given her wisdom that brings her more great things in her life. She is not rich in material things but she is rich of joy, peace, love and kindness. This maiden believes that the essence of life is not what you have, who is with you and how famous you are, but it is how you become contented of what you have, being thankful, be kind, forgive those who hurt you and ask also forgiveness to those you hurt. Be prayerful and give time to meditate. Always ask God for wisdom, trust and believe God for everything.  That's how a maiden's life enduring the great blessings GOD bestowed in her life.

Prayer: Dear Father in Heaven, thankbyou so much for everything, may you continue to filled my heart with joy, shield it by peace and love, crowning me by your mercy, grace and favor. In beloved name of Jesus. Amen.

sweet temptation

Thursday, February 28, 2019

My First Devotional for March 2019

James 1:12 Blessed is eh man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hat promised to them that love Him.


In every  temptation and difficult that we have in life, we know that only god can help us.  Trusting  and believing God in the midst of our hardship, He promised us for a crown in heaven, because of our faith with Him.  Obeying the word of God is help us and guide us to a right path and to every decision that we are about to do.  In every trials and temptation is one of a way in testing and maturing  our faith.  In every difficulty we have God is the one who gives us wisdom how to handle everything.  So stay firm of your faith to God as I do as well.

My prayer.

Dear God, my beloved Father, thank you so much for everything, may you help me and protect me and my family from any harm and temptation.  Guide me always in every decision that I have, help me to do good and right things that will glorify your name.  I honor you God and thank you so much for crowning me of your tenderkindness love, mercy and favor.  Thank you Lord Jesus for healing and freedom.  Amen.

sweet temptation

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Travel Mania

One of the most highlight that I experienced before the end of 2018 is the Christmas holiday vacation in Bohol, Cebu, Oslov and Sumilon Island which was sponsored by our bosing bottom line.

blood compact

It was my first time to visit Bohol that feels me excited.  I heard a lot about this place because of its famous different and historical tourist spot they have.  Bohol is rich of different kind of beautiful and amazing scenery.  Like, beaches, Chocolate Hills, Hinagdanan Cave, Lobok Cruise, Exotic Animals , Tarsier, Manmade Trees and other historical spot, like Old churches.  Actually, we visited all of this except the Exotic Animals, because of the hard rain, so we decided to go the Hinagdanan Cave.  Pictures maybe in the next post that I gonna share with you guys.

Our first day in Bohol, we spent our time in Alona Beach, I and my daughter enjoyed the white sand seashore and crystal sea water.  It was an irresistible experience with the nature which makes my spirit free.  I really love to stay long in the clean sea blue and crystal water, but since, the sunset gradually drowns  we end up our swim and change our wet clothes.  We decided to take our dinner in one cozy restaurant.  After dinner, we look something for fun, and our feet entered in a videoke bar.  Singing actually is one of the most I love.. sorry folks..hahaha..but anyways, they enjoyed so much when I song my favorite music... hahaha..

After the concert we tried the most selling and all-time favorite of boholanos Halo Mango, which makes us mesmerized because of the most delightful taste that I ever love.  Overall, I really enjoyed and nourished this blessing that I had.  I want to thank God for the favor and for providing all our needs.

Ended we have a great bohol escapade...and we are ready for out next destination...CEBU CITY.

Thank you so much for dropping by here in a maiden's testimony and hope you enjoy travelling with us.  

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Thank you so much 2018!

Dear 2018,

     Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my journey for the whole year .  You make my life more excited and more favored.    When 2018 knocked, God blessed me abundantly, that  I nourished and enjoyed.   He blessed also my heart in giving, and it was my privilege to support with those I am praying for.  I am so thankful to become a good steward of the blessings that I have, He shouldered all the needs of my daughter in school and  I thank God for the processed healing of my daughter and my son's situation.

  In the middle of this year my soul had been tested of relationship that I never expected.  I opened the door to someone which caused me so much pain but it given me hope because of testing of my faith and obedience.   God you  know, how weak I am, but you make me strong, you gave me wisdom to understand the situation and you help me to decide the right thing to do.  Another  test was my relationship with my friends, I was hurt because I truly love them but I need to accept the truth because of them, I learned a lesson that helps me to be strong and to be trusted.  Though I am not comfortable every time we talked, yet, I still love them and respect them.  I still thank them because in my journey, they contribute a bigger part in my life.

   Closing the door of the said wrong relationship helps me a lot, it gave me freedom to forgive and forget. Obeying you Lord, is one of the greatest test of my faith.

  Thank you so much despite of my shortcomings, you reminded me that I am so much love and you promised me to  endure my life forever.

Ended, my journey 2018 is favored, and I am blessed for experiencing the love of God, and helping me in everything.  I cannot do it alone, thank you  my Heavenly Father for being with me in times of difficulty, trouble and problems.  You never leave me alone, you make me stronger, you gave me wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Thank you for shielding my heart with joy, peace and love.

Crowning me your tender kindness love, mercy and favor in my next journey of life in this coming 2019, including my daughter, son, mother, sister, brother and his family, my loveone and friends.

Now, I welcome 2019!! with more abundance of blessing, favor and love!!!


Star Chuu

sweet temptation

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Music Monday- Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

There is no perfect relationship if you are not meant with each other.  Loving someone is not enough, you need to to let it go and accept your fate.  Love is not a fairy tale that we seen in the movie, it is an irony to the journey we have.  The perfect love that can give to us is the love of our great father above.

I want to dedicate this song for someone that once in my life, he became part of my journey of love.  I have no regret of the love we shared before, and I truly cherished our memories. To the man that I love, if you happen to cross in my home page, don't forget to play this song.  This is for you, and I wan't to say thank you for a short time that we shared, you made me happy.

Thank you so much for having time in a Maiden's Testimony.

sweet temptation