Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nostalgia#6: Estudyante blues

I miss my night school. When I started to received my salary from my job, I decided to enroll in STI College and Educational Center in this city. I choose night class to avoid conflict in my day work. One thing I miss in my school days was my best friend Jenemie. She was my classmate in all subjects and we enrolled in the same vocational course. Jenemie knew my secret and she was the one who comforted me when I felt the pain after I back home from Malaysia.

I remember when I got some problem of my schedule because the school did not offer a night time class. I have no choice but to get some picky time like 7:00am-8:00am, 12:00 noon to 1:00pm, 4:30pm-6:00pm, respectively. Sometimes, I was crying because I was very tired from my work. I need to asked permission from my teachers for being late all the time. Good for me because my teachers allowed me to get late, thanks for their big heart and patience.

That time, I have a lot of absences and I need to cope and complete my quizzes and exams. Finally, I decided to drop out all my subjects because I have no time to attend in my class. But, my friend Jenemie encouraged me to continue my studies. My friend Jenny is the one who help me to recover all my lacking quizes, assignments and projects. She let me to borrow her notebook and give some ideas about our test. Thanks, I have a friend who are helping me all the time.

My friend Jenny is presently working in Hongkong and we were kept in touched through YM. Maybe soon she return after her contract. I wish and hope that we have time to get together and have a girls talk. This is for you sis, I miss you so much!!

And everytime, I miss our memories, I looked our pictures and I am so much blessed to met a good friend like her. She is very caring and she is always there every time I am down. Love you sis and I am sorry because the time you are depressed I was far away from you. But I know your strong and brave, like me.

Thank you so much for reading our memories, this is a Maiden's Testimony.


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sweet temptation


anne said....

It is always a good feeling to have someone we can talk to and who is always there for us.

My Little Home

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said....

Nice meeting you, Star.. You have got a beautiful name... Twinkle like a star, shines like a star..

Read your profile and wow, I can say we have much in common.. I believed in God's words and promises even though it can be rough at times.. and sleeping and fruits.. they are my favourite..

Thanks for dropping by Tingtasy and introducing yourself... Certainly, I would be delighted to have the chance to meet up with you guys and show you my 'cave' which has its new name now, 'Waterfront'...

Read your above post too.. It is always comforting, knowing there is someone who will be there no matter what as well as sharing with any reservation..

Oh yes, I would be more than happy to have you as my follower and yes, I am going to follow your blog... and in case, I forgot, I am going to link your blog with mine under New-Found Friends list just like Lainy..

I thank God for this friendship and God Bless...


lina@women's perspectives said....

She's a best friend indeed.
Thanks for dropping by...

kat said....

Long time no hear Star...thanks for the visit. Anyway, I can relate your life as a working student. I was working before near at the NAIA and at the same time, I had a night class at UE Manila. Could you imagine the distance from NAIA to UE and I need to be there at school in 1 hour. Office hours was from hours was 7-8 morning, then 6-9 in the evening....luckily I was able to graduate even pasang-awa lang ang ibang subjects waaaaaaa..

Thanks for stopping by via Nostalgic meme.

Lynn said....

Reading your post made me miss my friends back home too. :(

Dhemz said....

kakamiss talaga te ano...sarap sarap balikan...I miss college days...thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by at my Nostalgia...ka bongga sa imong friend kay nag HK man diay.

Lainy said....

You're a superwoman, Mamasang for hurdling school at the same time going to work. I so admire your hardwork.

Good thing you've found a friend in Jenemie. Not everyone is blessed to find genuine friends. A lot will come but very rare are those who will stay and will touch our lives in more ways than one.

I want you to know you've touched mine :-)


sHeNgKaY said....

ay we have similarity during my college days..minsan sinusundo na lag ako ng mga barkada ko kasi tulog pa ako sa boarding haus..lalo na if night shift anf work ko..

late visiting from nostalgia..

Ellen said....

A good friend is a treasure. You are blessed to have each other.

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