Friday, January 7, 2011


Sometimes in life, we need to accept of what things comes in reality. This reality is one of the reason why our existence change. Wherein, changes give a big part in our life, because this is the reason of everything that we wanted too or we don't want to do. Changes bring choices.

Yes, choices is one of the reason why my life changed. Choices suffered me a lot, since this involved my whole existence, my family and my future.

My choices stands for the truth, I had learned to accept of what fated for me. I realized that waiting is not the hindrance for what I wish for, the importance of it is, you have faith, hope and love. It involves also sacrifice.

I realized now that the Voyage of my journey begins from my past. And this is a reason why my life changed and enjoyed the blessings that I have now.
Above all, God made me realized the importance of my life..TO ENJOY IT!!. And I am thankful because I know how to appreciate and value it; to be contented and take care of it.

I have only one life and I need to enjoy it.

Thank you for dropping by in A Maiden's Testimony.

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