Thursday, July 21, 2016

Know the gift of life/

     We always say that life is a gift. The gift which we shall be able to know and discover in every stage of our life.  

      One time when I and my daughter talk about life, She asked a question, “ Mum, how did you  survived of my attitude? How did you handle everything, despite of those negativity of my emotions which resulted of our quarrels and misunderstanding?  Those questions makes me smile, I took her hands and hug her.  And told her all about, I answered her that “Only God’s grace and the wisdom of love, understanding and patience is my weapon when we are both in the presence of uncontrolled circumstances.  I actually explained to her, that I got surprise of my respond towards her, and told her that every moment we had a misunderstanding; I must to challenge myself whatever the difficulties I faced and learned from it.  I told her that our life is not depended of what we have or of who we are, it is depends of God’s desire and purpose He designed in our life. 
In our early stage of our existence is an experimental of our beings, how we shall be able to response with our emotions which is the most sensitive part of our feelings that we need to control. 
     Our small talks reminded me how crucial the future of our siblings is? if you have no awareness of  what she feels, then the future shall hold the effectiveness of the emotion.
The reality of our existence in the frenzied world, had been complicated because of our heart, desires.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know His desires and the Gift of Life being blessing I receive in my entire life.

     I thank God, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the gift of life.  Our gracious beloved God is the source of everything, in financies and our relationship to our beloved friends, family and most specially our spiritual favour from above.

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