Thursday, February 3, 2011

NOSTALGIA # 1: God's Gift

I am thankful that I received a very special gift from above. I am so grateful that my mom and I survived in taking care of my son, John Rey (a.k.a. Ken-Ken). Ken-ken is three years old now and by next school opening he will enter in the school as Kinder 1.

My son is very excited to go into school and I have a hard time to explain when he will start to enter in the school. Sometimes, he wakes up early in the morning to prepare his self. He takes a bath early and eats his breakfast. He starts to walk like a smart boy going to the school since the primary school is in front of our home. time i didn't notice he walks alone going to the school and when I looked for him, he is standing in front of the school gate like a big boy.

Anyways, my son now is grown up fast and he learned a lot of things everyday.

Anyways, here are some of my son's photos.

Ken-ken when he was 2 months old

now he is three years old and starting to learn new things. In this picture he is learning to write.

He cooks his food.

He is also friendly. In this picture He introduced his self to this very cute girl.
He is also playful

Sometimes he is emotional

and sometimes he needs privacy.

I pray that my son has a good future awaiting in his way.

Thank you so much for visiting, this is A Maiden's Testimony.

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Secondary Roads said....

It is good to see you posting again Star. I follow you in Google Reader so that I don't miss a single post.

Star-chuu said....

@Hi Chuck, thanks for following me. And thanks you visit me back. Have a blessed day ahead Chuck.

chubskulit said....

Awww what a charmer, welcome aboard to Nostalgia Star. It's always a delight to have new members, the more the better diba. Thanks to Lainy, I found another mom to connect to. I am now following your blog.

Goodluck in going to school KenKen, my 4 year old is still thinking twice whether or not he is going to school this year. I think, I may resort to just teaching him at home for now hehehe..

lina@women's perspectives said....

A smart boy indeed...

Arlene said....

Halloooooooooo Star! Kmusta na? Am sure ur doin great!

Welcome to nostalgia!


David Funk said....

Hi Star!

Nice to see a post from you, and especially love the pics of KenKen! I'm sure a great future awaits the bright boy!

Best wishes my friend!

Star-chuu said....

@Chubskulit: Hello Rose, thank you so much for a warm welcome and been one of the participant of your nostalgia series. More Nostalgia coming...

Star-chuu said....

@Lina and Arlene: Thanks for the comment welcome to my site again Lina and Arlene and God bless.

Star-chuu said....

@David Funk: Hi David thanks again for visiting me my friend. I hope and pray for his good future David.

Cacai M. said....

Yeah, I remember him. He looks so big now. How time flies! I can tell he's a responsible kid. Great! You're lucky indeed of him Te Star. All the best! muahhhh!

Lainy said....

Ken Ken is truly a gift from heaven ate v. He is in good hands, i am sure he will have a bright future ahead of him ;-)

Rossel said....

God gave you a smart boy, star. it is only now that I saw a 3y/o boy cooking his food. =) may God bless him always!

btw, i am n ow following you.
Our Favorite Shot

Star-chuu said....

@Cacai: yes time flies too fast, cai. Now, he don't want me to kiss him unless i can't wash.LOL

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: I home and pray for his future Laine, the whole family love and care for him. We are all blessed because of him.

Star-chuu said....

@Rossel: everyday, every time he wokes up, he helps us for household stuff. Sometimes, I asked him to clean the ground.

Thanks for following me Sel.

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