Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Gift

In our life we never expect things that would come. Things that would alter our undemanding life into a complicated yet satisfied one. Unexpected gifts from above which make our life different from before.

My life before was ordinary but it changed into something special...

Last October 18, 2007, a sixteen-year old lady passed by and knocked on our door. We opened the door for this unexpected visitor that we never met ever in our life. These unexpected visitor brought something-perhaps, some one which surprised us.When I glanced at this sixteen (16) year old girl carrying a baby boy-her eyes begging where bagging me to stare at the angel she was carrying. She handled and passed on this baby boy unto my arms-her eyes were filled sadness. A full of happiness engulped my heart together with my soundless prayers when I accepted this little boy.

The Promise:

Though, I am not rich, I promised her to embrace her baby with my love and affection and I assure his education for his brighter future. I sincerely told her, to visit her baby anytime she wanted. And I told her, if ever that she already had a good life, she can get back her baby as she wishes. The sixteen-year old girl answered me back,”I gave my baby to you, and I will never disturb and get him from you, he is yours already. I will leave without asking anything from you because I know he is safe in your hands. Thank you so much "ate" for accepting my baby boy; please give me some pictures of him if he is already grown up.”

I was blessed with this angel who comes in our life, our emptiness was filled with full of laughter. Time passed by, now he is already One year and seven months old. When I look at my little angel, I felt this joy from my heart and showed my big smile to the Lord- my Lord who really feels my sorrows every time I remember my little boy who passed away long time ago.

Reminiscing my past, when I born a baby boy and got sick. After the serious operations of my baby back in the year 1996 from the mission hospital of Davao, lots of tear dropped from my eyes and felt the pain he suffered. After the operations, my grief and pain remained as I asked God why he let it happen to my son. "Why my God?" But he answered and had me understand the situation. He told my heart, “My child, let me handle him in my arms, don’t worry he is safe” On October 10, 1996, at about 5:00 in the morning in the door of my mom’s house at the farm area , I looked at the clouds above and dedicated my son named John Richard, with my prayer, “My God, I offer my son unto you. Thank you so much for those days, giving me a chance to take care of my son for a little time. I'll give him back to you, because he is not mine- he is Yours, please accept him now, in Jesus name, Amen.” After my prayer, my baby slept intimately in my arms which I know will last for a lifetime.

Ohhh…I can’t stop my tears while writing this sad story of mine but anyway, I'll let you show some of the pictures of my new baby boy named John Rey…have you seen the difference? Yes, how amazing, because the name of my late baby is John Richard and my baby boy now is John Rey (in his Birth Certificate given by his natural mother)..what a coincidence…

Well, our God reminds us that He heard our prayers and patience is our virtue, now I enjoyed this gift He offered as I humbly say that life before is different from our present.

Anyway, here is some of the pictures of John Rey a.k.a KENKEN (the messenger), I hope that you enjoyed looking at his different performed activities as he grew up with his own uniqueness.

Look!! He can eat his breakfast alone!!

After his breakfast, he took the chair and brought it outside to take the morning sunshine bath.

After taking the Vitamin D from sunshine, He played the basketball..

Ohhh....little boy, as what he had observed-us cleaning the yard every morning, he volunteered to do it.

After doing his works, he asked me for a piece of paper and pencil, as he wants to practice to write his name...hahahaha.... I was laughing because while he writes he chants his name....

See!! He is a SPECIAL GIFT. I don't know what is God's real purpose but I do trust everything in Him. He knows that my standard of living is not quite good but we had survived because of the abundant blessings He showered in our life. God bless and hope you enjoyed in reading this article.

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Cacai M. said....

He is truly a blessing Star! He is cute and very similar to your boy, it seems he is the one coming from Heaven. I see no difference on them. God bless you more Star! muahhugs

Niema said....

hi u r blessing have very active n smart boy. God Bless Him

Star-chuu said....

@ Cacai
Hi Cai, yes he is trul a blessing. Everyday I discovered a lot of things from him. He is also very sweet and loving son.

Star-chuu said....

Hello Niema, the only thing that I pray for him, that he will grow up abiding by God's spirit.

zorlone said....

Hello Star,

Fate! The man in your life has a way of finding you.


""rare*jonRez"" said....

wow, this is amazing!!! you are a blessing sis to this little boy and he is to you! very, very touching story of your life. i'm sure God will continue to bless you abundantly. remember, we don't need a lot in order to survive. little is much if we put it in the Master's Hand. God bless you dear!

twinks said....

He is such a cutie Star. Heaven sent indeed. He's lucky na kayo ang naging family nya.

You're such a wonderful MOm.
Ingat sis. ^_^

Blogger Rise said....

cute boy you have there :)

Lollii-Pii said....

Mom, why not post something about me on this too?..haha. Kidding,..
He's genuinely a seraph of all kinds. He might be clever sometimes but he never failed to amuse me. Cute-truly he is. I just hope that we'll be able to build a harmonious relationship with Baby Ken.. Love yah mama!!

Star-chuu said....

@Doc Z
Your absolutely right Doc Z, my fate will surprise me and surely I gonna love it.

Star-chuu said....

Your right sis, I am too much touch when I look the baby the time when she gave the baby to me, my older brother cried when he looks the baby, he is lucky because my whole family supported him too.

Star-chuu said....

Hi twinks, yes he is lucky and we are also lucky to have him. Although, sometimes, he cried too much..heheheh.

Star-chuu said....

@Blogger Rise
Thanks friend, he is not only cute he is also intelligent, thats what I observed from him everyday.

Star-chuu said....


Anak, hehehe...just wait, I am so proud about you dear, you know that one. Thanks for helping me of taking care of our baby. Love you so much and be a good girl always. Bear in your mind that God is there who provide everything, materially, physically and spiritually. Take care always.

Merydith said....

Ohh what a touching story star. You are both so blessed to find each other and thanks for letting me that I am your top dropper. Take Care!

liza said....

Star, you truly have a kind heart and this boy is a blessing!

Thank you for your prayers. We badly need it right now. Her condition is still the same, we're just waiting for her to go, we're just praying that she won't suffer much.

Have a blessed week.

LilysGramma said....

You are so blessed to have had this young girl give you the gift of her beautiful child. It was God who told her that if she cannot raise him herself, take him to a loving family who will cherish him, and she found you. What a lovely stroy. Thank you for sharing. This brought tears of sadness for the girl who made the ultimate sacrifice and tears of joy for you and your family. Many blessings.

Andrea said....

Wow, what a touching story. I'm sorry for your earlier loss, but what an amazing, happy ending. Your little guy is so adorable!

arianne louis said....

hello tita..nice blogg..hehe..because of this blogg of your's now the whole world will find out how lucky our family is and the little kid is..he is a blessing in our family..^^,)..GODBLESS^^,) nd more POWER!!

shydub said....

Hi star, now i got all the time to read this story, for past days i just stopped by for a while and look at the baby boy pics in your post but didn't read the whole story got distructed with my little one here. As I was reading your post igot a goosebumbs and teary eyes, such a touching story. I wonder wheres the mommy of that baby now. The baby is really a blessings toyou star, and he is lucky to have you as his mother eventhough you are not his biological mom but your love for him is unconditional labaw pa sa iya biological mother. And that little angel has a good future in your hand, looking at all his pictures he grows us to be a good responsible boy. Nalingaw ko nagtan aw sa baby helping out with household chores like sweeping the yard and cleaning up his mess after his meals. He is a priceless gift that brings joy and laughter into your life and family. Its really a coincidence name john richard and john rey, both JR. give my hugs and kisses to your little boy star. How about your daughter does she enjoy playingwith her little brother?

Baby Noela said....

This is the most heart-touching "family" story I have every read, especially about someone I know. Wow. In life, we always expect blessings. In some cases, the blessings are so big that we ask God if they are really for us. We ask if we did anything to deserve it.

I am so happy for you and the baby.
This makes me want to have a small kid boy calling me mum :)

Star-chuu said....

Hi Shy, I enjoyed taking a picture everytime he is doing something. I wasn't able to post his other pictures when he is watering our plants and preparing his bed when he wants to sleep. Yes, I really love this baby, he is so sweet to my daughter. My daughter was happy when we accepted this angel..palahilak lang Shy..grabe...mao na siguro sa amo gin hatag ni Lord kay grabe ang pasyensya namo. He is also sweet and lovely, if we are ready to eat, he went to her ate vyne and hold her hands, para magdungan mi manga-on. Nalipay gyud ko Shy, grabe ang kalipay sa akong puso, ginapangau sa akong sister..wala nako gin hatad..hehehe..nagatabang lang sya sa gastos..grabe pod if makapasyal mga anak sa akong brother, iya gyud mabatyagan nga love siya sa tanan. About his mom, what I heard about her, she was already married to other guy and maybe she is pregnant again. I hope she will take care her baby and have a nice life with her husband. Grabe ako na nasulti tanan..hehehe

Star-chuu said....

Hello Meydith, thanks for the comment, yes the whole family are blessed to have this little angel. Thanks also for being my top dropper. God bless always.

Star-chuu said....

Dear Liza, we pray that she only like sleeping if she is ready to go.
My son, is truly a blessings he cured our emptiness and loneliness. We are happy to hear his laughter and we learn to be patient in his cries. God bless.

Star-chuu said....

Thanks LilyGramma, actually the girl told me, that there is someone who wants to adopt her son, but she refused. Her neighbor, my mom's friend is the one who told her that we are eager to help her.

Star-chuu said....

Hi Andrea, i never forget when the doctor told me,"You LOST your SON", i never expected that he told me that unkind word, which is that time, i am in grief and troubled. The only decision I regret that time, when I decided to go on the operation of my son and let those doctor's to do what's they advice into me.

Star-chuu said....

@Baby Noela
Hi Baby Noela, do you believe in dreams? One day I dreamed something about that little boy.

In my dream,I am looking the sky and it surprised me when there was something writing in the white clouds, saying "HE IS SPECIAL" believe it or not, i never seen someone writing in that clouds but the letters slowly appeared. Another is there is a voice I heard please take good care your son.

Dear Noela, that dreams until now i never forget, I know God has a purpose, and I believe that He wants me to know that He is the one who offer this little boy in our family.

Thanks for visiting me, and I wish you and uncle che to have a beautiful angel in your life. Best wishes my dear friend and God bless.


Ruz said....

hello Ate Vilma,

Thank you for sharing this. You and vyne are very kind-hearted people. No wonder, you are blessed and you have dear friends.

Everything is a blessing if we only see it in a different light. Accepting that baby and moving on as a mother and woman are all remarkable acts. Angel ka ba? hehehhehhe! Hope to see you and vyne and elaine soon! mwa!

Star-chuu said....

Hello Ruz,.hehehe..yes angel ..naughty angel... anyway, whatever things comes in my life, i know all of this are blessings. A blessings that I need also to take care, friends are also a blessing, your a blessings in my life because you've become my friend. See you Ruz.. God bless.

Mariuca said....

Hi Star, I did enjoy the pics, thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend to u and your baby boy! :):):)

Bloggista said....

wow, he's a cute & smart little angel!

Lainy said....

This is truly heart-warming ate Vi! Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift. Not too many people have the kind of heart that you have. May you be blessed ten folds the way you have blessed other people's lives!

Star-chuu said....

Hi sheryl thanks for the comment.

Star-chuu said....

Lyn, Thanks for your kind words, nasultin na ninyo tanan.
nadungagan akong ampon.. huhuhu... lisod tudluan ang tigulang kay sa bata..hehehe....pero behave man si Aem lyn..mayo man pod naa sya dire kay naa mi kaauban. This is my life, gaan akong pamatyagan lyn.

UPrinting said....

Oh my, the readers of this post must have tears flowing down their eyes after reading this. You're such a sweet mom. We wish you and your family all the happiness in life. :)

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