Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am Blessed

Time runs too fast, that's what I always say every time I counted how many years I stayed here on earth. Do you know How I worried about my age? Gosh!! if i can only use the minus sign to lessen my my age But that would be impossible, unless you get wrong in adding the number of your age. I'm glad, because I hate mathematics, because I am dumb if we talk about math.

I mean it, because when I read my article entitled "Blowing my 38th Candle" dated July 21, 2009, I realized that I erroneously wrote or maybe I calculated my age as 38 instead of 37. Thanks God, i wrote the wrong number of my age meaning this day I'm still 38!! hahahaha...., thanks to my brain who doesn't work every time i used to summed up my age.

My existence is one of the blessings that I appreciated and now I enjoyed it.

I am blessed because of my mom who are there who love and take care of me. She is the reason why I possess a good quality of my being. She takes good care of me and covered me with her love and affection. I am too lucky to have my mom who suffers a lot but she stands strong because of her children. Life with her is not easy because of the circumstances she experienced. When I grew up, I witnessed how my mom and dad work hard for us to gave us a good life and good future.

My mom is a fighter, strong and weak. Fighter in the sense that, she fights for us against those people who hurt us. Strong, because, whatever troubles she takes, she can handle it alone and trust it to our God, Weak, when she witnessed the failure of her children.

My mom is a real perfect mom that I have. I never forgot the reason why I am so much cared about the word “TRUST “. She reminded me always this saying “I trust you, I believe that you will not fail me” this is a meaningful one that engraved in my heart and my mind.

My mom knows everything about me from the smallest and biggest thing. That's why, when, I woke up early of my special day, I hugged and kissed my mom, I thank her for her love and affection, care, patient, understanding and sacrifice. I know how happy she is because she knows from the core of her heart that she didn't failed her dreams for her children.

Mang, thanks a million for your love and sacrifice, you're the best mother in the world.

I am blessed because God gave me a daughter and son who become the flower of my life. That every morning, they come around me and share their love and sake my attention. They are the reason why I need to live healthy in this world because I know they needs me. They needs a mother that will comfort them, a friend that they can share everything and companion to play, a financier for their daily needs, lol.

I am blessed because of my family who are there around me. They shared a lot of memories with me. They love me and protected me. They are always ready to help me if I am in trouble.

My loving and responsible brother who become our stage father in the family.

My sister who helps me in financial matters if I need it. She is their who embrace me because of my failures. She is my loving sister who always there for me who loves me unconditionally.

I am blessed because of my friends. A friends that I can lean on every time I am sad. A friends who offer their helping hands if you need it. A friends who can trust. A friend that will protect you from trouble.

I am blessed because God choose a right person who become the source of everything, a reason why the status of my living change. A person who are have a good heart, unselfish and very considerate. A respectful and loving father of his family.

A great leader who know the needs of his people. A man with integrity.

Thank you sir, for recognizing me and trusting me, though I work imperfectly, you still appreciates me.

And the last but not the least, I am blessed because there is someone who make my life complete. A man who loves me, unconditionally. A man that I love, a reason of my complete happiness.

This is how God blessed my life together with my loving family, friends, boss , office mate and my one and only someone special. Thank you for dropping by, this is A Maiden's Testimony.

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Scotty's Princess said....

How touching, Ate V! So blessed you are indeed! You have never forgotten to count your blessings that's why God continues to bless you with so much. I am grateful to the Lord for giving me the rare opportunity to know such a good person. You have been a great mother to your children, a good daughter and a good friend.

Belated happy birthday!



Our friend David Funk wrote a sweet and nice tribute in honor of your birthday:


Star-chuu said....

@Scotty's Princess: you are dear to me laine, everytime, I met a real person, I treasured them deeply in my heart. Though, I am not perfect, I know how I cared people around me. I don't want to hurt someone else. I am not too good, but I tried to be the best. I am what i am, and I love to I am..love you my dear friend, and thank you so much for being part in your life.

♥GossipMama♥ said....

Hi star welcome back, hindi na ako nakadalaw sa blog mo kasi nawala ko yung blogspot. daming pictures dito ahh.


lantern light said....

So let's make our age useful by helping others and do things better...never waste our time chatting gossip...

Cacai M. said....

wow.. kaya pala colorful ang life ni Te Star.. :) Am happy if you're happy te.. God bless! :-)

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