Monday, July 20, 2009

Blowing my 38th Candle Part I

Life could be the greatest gift from our creator. He has given us the opportunity to dwell on earth and enjoy His greatest love. We had enjoyed the blessings He showered and embraced the assurance of His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Life becomes a big struggle in my journey. They say, life is like a gamble yet, I believe that my life is a battle, but, I am not alone in the battle because we are all human and we have given this opportunity to know the TRUTH of our LIFE. This is how we must respond to the opponent's attacks and how to get ourselves ready if the opponent won from the battle. Yes, this is my life, become the loser and winner from the battle. All the bruises which I got from that fight healed and lead me unto PEACE and I become more stronger.

At my 38th years on earth, I have only one partner who carried me and laid me from my fight. And that’s our God. I become more dependent unto Him, He let me know How hard it is to escape from one situation without His guidance. It is hard to decide alone without consulting Him; I become closer unto Him because of those events in my life that I had encountered. In this situation, God had given me an opportunity to know Him, to love Him and Serve Him, despite of those odds in my life, He is the source of my TRUE HAPPINESS that I enjoying right now. I know by thanking Him is not worth but I believe that He is there to listen and embrace me with His unconditional LOVE. God is great all the time!!

Now, It's my 38th years on earth, I would like to say THANK YOU..

To my FAMILY (my mom, brother with his family, my sister and my daughter) who are there in my side for their support and love, I pray for a good health and more blessings from above.

My Mom and I

My Brother and his loving family

My Sister and her boyfriend

My daughter and I

To my BOSS who helped me and become an instrument of all the blessings that I had received for my daily needs.

To my OFFICE MATES who become my comrades in all matters.

To my BLOGGER FRIENDS that I met personally, our friendship become strong and closer, I want to thank you for you’re time with me guys (Lainy, Twinks, Tammy Rosalie and Cidy) on my birthday.

To all my FRIENDS here in blogosphere community, you are all precious gifts from above, I pray and wish you all more blessings, love, peace, joy and happiness and more wealth to come in your life.

Anyways, I am not ready to blow my 38th candle but I need to do it, for it's a new candle to blow again next year.

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djtammy said....

Happy b-day te vilma...naka post na ang mga pictures..hehehe

liza said....

Hi Star! Happy Birthday! May you have many more to come. :p

Mariuca said....

Happy birthday sweetie! I love the pic of u and ur daughter, big hugs on ur special day! :)

shengy said....

hi girl..happy birthday...

ShedLife said....

happy happy birthday star... God Bless u always..mwahh

""rare*jonRez"" said....

Happy birthday sis! Despite the odd and struggles in life, I can tell you're very much blessed. God bless you even more! ;-)

Scotty's Princess said....


You rock, Te V! You're drop dead gorgeous! I heart your pics! But heart you more! ;-)

Happy Birthday and may God bless you more and more!

Kloggers/Polly said....

I hope that you had a really lovely birthday. What a beautiful photograph of you and your daugher. :)

David Funk said....

I love the pics, and you are absolutely beautiful!

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Twerlyn said....

wala jud ako batasan te V, abi ko kaedad lang ta mao Star lang tawag ko sa imo. sos oi sori kaau.

Belated Hapi Bday to you =)

Bigdaddyrichard said....

Happy Birthday. Remain strong...and affectionate always.

juliana said....

wishing you all the best on your birthday and throughout the year.

God bless!

Secondary Roads said....

I hope your day was special. Best wishes on this, your next journey around the sun. May you know much love and laughter.
-- Chuck

UPrinting said....

(belated) Happy birthday!
You're still very young, so while you're working hard to live a good life, don't forget to still have fun. And don't forget to thank God for the wonderful things He blessed you with. :)

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