Thursday, September 17, 2009

Air Supply - I CAN'T LET GO

Not all love story has a happy ending. It is not always like a fairy tale of Cinderella that we are wishing in our life. Love has a fate in every human being and we have different experiences and fairy tale of love that sometimes would hold us of what we believe because of the word LOVE. A feeling that bothered me most when I love someone that I can't own neither he can't own me.

My love life is very complicated, I need to sacrifice for the unavoidable event that arises in my life. The Man that I love most is the one who let me go but I CAN'T LET GO.

Yes, I CAN'T LET GO of AIR SUPPLY is the song that gave my love a life every time I listened and hear the song. A reason why I can't control the tears in my eyes. I CAN' T LET GO because behind everything I kept him in my heart and still wishing that there is still another chance to nourish the love that we've started but I am fated to be lost in love.

Beyond the time that we've shared and spent together, I CAN'T LET GO as I am locked by our love. I CAN'T LET GO, when he let me to discover that I am a woman. A woman who conquered the whole world with full of joy and happiness when he spent his little time with me. I CAN'T LET GO because the deepest and the memories he brings with me is the satisfaction and security of love. A love that I kept momentarily in my heart which bring me sometimes lonely is the night every time I long for him to stay beside me. I CAN'T LET GO, when I sleep and all become my sweet dreams that I though the love will last now and forever.

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This is how Air Supply hold-back my true love-story.

Thanks to Bariles of Gensan News Online Mag for giving us a chance to express and share our different love story on

This contest would not be successful without the help of our generous sponsors Dreamwork Ventures, the concert producer and Grab a Crab Restaurant.

Thank you to Concert Producer Michael Wee and his Dreamworks Ventures, Inc. for supporting this Blog Contest WHAT AIR SUPPLY SONG ARE YOU? Blog Contest.

The Air Supply Concert in Gensan will be held on October 2, 2009 at Lagao Gymnasium, Barangay Lagao, General Santos City, Philippines.

The Air Supply in GenSan Concert is a major production of Dreamwork Ventures Inc.’s Platinum Concert Series 2009, in cooperation with the City Government of GenSan, the GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., ABS-CBN. Other partners are Grab A Crab Restaurant, MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers Inc., East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and Dips, Giacominos, Gaisano Mall of GenSan and Gregoria Printing Press.

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Veronica Lee said....

I love that song sooo much but unfortunately, that is not one of their more popular songs.
I saw them live in June this year. I have photos to share from my post -

""rare*jonRez"" said....

mao diay ni inyong contest sis? i hope makadaug mo duha ni Lainy! unsa man criteria ani pagdaug? anyway, Air Supply rocks! my sis-in-law just watched their recent concert in vegas. mga tiguwang na sila pero lami japon manganta! ;-)

Star-chuu said....

Thanks Veronica for sharing it with us. I really love Air Supply!! I do love all their songs, I choose the song I CAN'T LET GO, since, the man I love locked my heart. And I am still hoping for him in the right time.

Star-chuu said....

Oo sis, hhehehe..unta malu-oy sila, pada-ugon nila mi...

I really love Air-supply sis, nami mag-emote-emote pag-naga dungog ka ug mga kanta nila. Samot ka ma inlove..hehehe.

Veronica Lee said....

Thanks for the follow! I'm now following your lovely blog.

Louise | Brochure Printing said....

Air Supply has a lot of love songs that people can relate to.
However, my favorite Air Supply song is Come What May. It's a very touching song, especially if someone will dedicate this to you. ;)

Cidy said....

Hi Sis! I love that song.. Nice entry, sure winner na gyud =) Goodluck sa lahat ng sumali sa pa-contest ni Sir Avel =)

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