Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday SAved - The Best for Last #3

Life in the past was easy. Money is everywhere and jobs are countless. nature is kept as beautiful and green as it is. The cities are not polluted and streams have crystal-like waters. A beautiful and peaceful scenery one can truly imagine. Life was fairly-good.

But now, our world has become parlous. Humanity has become heinous. Many people died of hunger and poverty kept on rising-unstoppable. The number of murdered innocent new born babies by their vicious mothers have increased. Eating fetuses and placentas of other nations and selling them high-priced -Cannibalism. Corrupting your own country's money's and earns. Keeping the truth away from your fellowmen and telling white lies instead. Stoned individuals are scattered everywhere.

Oh! What is happening in this world?!
People had became virulent and the world, now, is filthy.

What we are doing right now, will let us all die soon. Try to care more to your surroundings! Don't let our dear Mother Earth crush into little pieces.

While you're still breathing, try to kill your bad habits and commit yourself to God.

Only GOD knows what's best. Only GOD can give us a peaceful and green community we've once had.

Another piece of my daughter lollii-pii, hope you enjoy reading.

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sweet temptation


Windmill said....

"Oh! What is happening in this world?!"

This world is being ruled by greed, corruption and incompetent leaders.

That to me is even more filth than all the harm that has befallen and will ensue across the Globe.

Lovely article for Saturday Saved. Thank you for your participation.


""rare*jonRez"" said....

Such is life in this world now that we are in the end times. This won't get any better actually. :( So while we live, we'll just do our part nalang, to act accordingly to HIS will. :)

Great post of Lolli once again!

And sis, sori sa kalisud pangita sa akong code. pati man ko oi, wa ko kita asa akong code. hahaha! bitaw, wala man sa akoang layout gud. try unta naku post diri ang akong gigamit nga code, di man mo-successfully post kay di daw dawaton ang code. try daw naku sa facebook. hehe...

heidi said....

Hi! L:Love your blog and have an award for you at my blog. Stop by if you get the chance.

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