Sunday, April 19, 2009

Award from SHYDUB

Another award from SHYDUB, The CERTIFIED QUEEN OF BLOGS, thanks sis for the above award. Since, I'm still a neophyte,I need to eat more sack of rice before I become a QUEEN .

LAINY of LAINY's MUSINGS is the one who encouraged me to be engage in this new stuff. She becomes my inspiration in the blogosphere. Being one of the princesses of blogs, she proved that she is one of the influential lady and one of the remarkable authors of this era. She is worthy to be called the QUEEN of BLOGS.

Aside from LAINY I also met MARIUCA, of Wishing on a Falling Star. Mariuca became my commentor in some of my entries and my regular visitor. Upon crossing in her site I was amazed of how friendly she was to other bloggers. She is a model of genuine kindness . She deserves to be the QUEEN of BLOGS. LAINY and MARIUCA you are both the QUEEN of BLOGS. I know that you both received this award, I just only want to return back this award to both of you because I am not worthy to receive it.

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Secondary Roads said....

Today, an award is waiting for you on Secondary Roads. Do come and claim it.

Scotty's Princess said....

Being the recipient of this lovely and meaningful award, I feel so elated. Thanks for thinking of me Te vi!

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