Saturday, September 15, 2018

My Prophecy

Sometime in the early month of  2014, we had given the priviledge to attend the prophesying training in ENC.  It was a great opportunity to become part of this activity to open our mind and understand in every gift bestowed by God to us. This ministry had given us the opportunity to used our gift by giving us the wisdom to understand every word we heard from God through our mind, soul and spirit. It help us to  focus in every word He speaks in our heart and mind. 

I was encouraged to be part in this activity and it was my opportunity to hear God promises  unto my life.

When the Pastor asked me, "are you thinking to remarry again, vilma? I didn't answer the question because i am in doubt of myself if i will remarry or not, as i am still enjoying my life as a single.  He didnot wait my answer, but he continue to speak and prophesy me this:

" The Lord is going to give you a good man that you will amazed because the man that the Lord will give you will be a man who would fear me.  You don't go looking for it because it will look for you. And, the Lord says, Vilma i'm going to bless you financially, you're going to travel the nation. Your not going to be one who's going to look at your daughter and say, it's just her but your going to travel together. Your gonna be one whose gonna experience the goodness of God in your lifetime.  Know this Vilma, your young and there's a world out there to conquer. And the Lord says, be ready, be happy because i'm gonna give you good things."

My prayer:
My heavenly loving Father, thank you for everything, thank you for giving me hope and courage. Father, help me to focus in your promise, guide my heart and bless me every moment. Shield my heart with your love and affection. Cover my heart with joy, love, patience, kindness and self control. Crowning me by your tenderkindness love, mercy and favor in every journey that I have. Thank you for loving and caring me Lord, I honor you and glorify your name. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Far from love.

Love is the deepest feeling that we shared with someone we love. Love is the most exciting and amazing part in every journey we have. Love is the essence of  feelings that we enjoy. Love conquers everything!

Have you been fall in love to someone?

This maiden real journey of having in love with someone is quite hurtful. In her early stage of being had a relation with a guy whom she falls in love, gave her a traumatic experienced that caused her a different kind of suffering and failures in life.  This maiden actually, is the most loneliest woman who never stop to fight the battle she had been facing of. Yes, loving  him is the most enjoyable moment she had, it was the most unforgetable  memories she cherished and those moments they had remained deeply in her heart.

Yet, the world changed the position of her feelings. A hurtful message from someone she loves most, made her die, her heart had been covered a hateful feelings and it became a desease to her, causing her to cry for every  wrong decision she made.

 It was hard to choose in the middle of  uncertainties and discomfort.  Her heart tried to change choices but her emotions conquered by fear, niether she choose the one she loves who are willing to accept her  being, despite of her weaknesses nor  she should remained to the person she never love but she lost her purity.   Her decision agonized so much pain and fear which led her to voluminous failures in life.

Many years gone by, this maiden's became a fighter and stronger, maybe because of different failures she gone through.  Years and many years has gone, her journey in life changed, though she became busy in her life, she never fails to pray for the man she longed for.

This man who conquered her heart from the start they met. The first and the last man that she wants to be own and to live with, forever. A man who makes her happy and in his arms she felt security by his love.  A man that she prayed for.

She never stop praying and wrestling God's help. praying to the one she loved and desired to be with him forever. In her journey of waiting caused her hopeless. Hopeless, in the sense that she has no knowledge about his whereabouts,   thinking if  his love to this maiden still in his heart, but she was reminded always of his last sweetest  word she heard from him, "kahit maputi na ang buhok mo, kapag tayo'y muling magkita, mamahalin at mahalin pa rin kita", he did'nt knew that words became her armed to hope of waiting.

Sometimes, she ask herself, until when she will  wait for him? Is he far from love? Can she still own his heart?   She was afraid of those question created by her mind.

But she never lost her hope that someday their steps will lead them in a right time and in a right place to meet again. Until one day, those questioned and prayer became a breakthrough and real.

How can she forget's this date? The most awaited time in meeting him, unexpectedly, when she saw this familiar face, her heart was fully occupied by excitement, hope and love.  Meeting her  lost love made her sleepless, until she realized that their journey begins here...

Do you want me to continue the most beautiful journey of a maiden's love story?

This might be a very sweet and lovely when they started to communicate with each other..

Folks, their love story never ends here.. Their journey starts here. 

Thank you for dropping by in a Maiden's Testimony! 

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Her existence..

Her existence …

To be a mother is a gift and a blessing.  My mother is one of a kind which God given to us. Reminisce my childhood, I still remember how our life suffering in hardship.  I saw my parent’s who works too hard for our daily needs and for our education.  I witnessed the hardship of my parent, especially my mom.  

My mom, is the oldest daughter of our late grandfather. According to her, at her younger age, they have a luxury life, but when our grandmother died, their life begun to change.  His father, remarry again,  unfortunately, her step-mom abused her which caused her to stopped her study and she decided to marry in her early stage.

She shared with us the challenges, trials, hardships and failures in every roads she'd been through. She become more stronger, a fighter and a survivor in her different battle in life.  

When she had her own family, she taught us  to know the good things and understand the dark  side of this world.  I remember how she TRUSTED us, when we are growing up.  She nurtured us by her unconditional love and affection, despite of her busiest time by providing our daily needs.

And when the time we got married, she continue to pray  for us,  I know sometimes in her life  she suffered when we are in trouble. Her loving heart reminds me how she protects and comfort her children.  Her hugged gives us peace and comfort.  Presently my mom,  choose to serves us by cooking and do some household chores despite of her old age.  

We are so much bless because now, we her children witnessing her life as she is enjoying serving God. I thank God for giving her the opportunity to experience her life by honoring God and serving His people.

To you mang, I honor you, thank you so much for trusting us, for all the sacrifices, for your love, for your prayerss and for your great time serving our God in heaven.  I love you mamang!! We love you you!

1 Timothy 5:4But if a widow has children or grandchildren, they must first learn to show godliness to their own family and repay their parents, for this is pleasing in the sight of God.

Dear God, thank you so much for the gift of life, you choose us to love .  Thank you for the great opportunity that you gave for our mother, after the tribulation of her life, at her 72 years on earth, you let her to enjoy your love, by giving her peace, joy, love and the wisdom to know you and bless her heart by giving her the passion to serve you and your people.  I pray dear Lord Jesus, to add her life, and  may  she enjoy the gift of the Holy Spirit.  I declare healing in any deceases she has, freedom and forgiveness in her heart.  Lord, I pray to crowning her by your tenderkindess love, mercy and favor. In Jesus name.  Amen.

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I am not a Teacher..

Teaching is not my profession, I actually dislike to teach children because I know how difficult to discipline kids with different characteristic as they grew up with different culture.  Besides, I never dreamed to be a teacher, and I did not see myself to teach in the future.

But if God will use you, whatever difficult things made you, God shall give you the wisdom to learn, to teach and to understand the lesson that you shall impart to the children in front of you.

And because of my desire to serve and to share my hidden talent, I started to observe every Sunday in ENC-victory kids, General Santos City.  I have given also the opportunity to volunteer in the said congregation, being part of this ministry. They mentoring us by attending the training and giving us some christian reading materials, challenging us to makes some crafts by our own ideas which helped me to enhance my creativeness in anyways.  Likewise, they encourage us that leading and serving is one of the gift that we need to intensify in any ministry where we be called.

My first day of handling the pre-schooler, was a challenging one, because most of our kids speak  English with correct pronunciation and grammar …ha!ha!ha!ha…but to my surprised I made it, maybe because of the wisdom that I asked from our Heavenly Father. He gave me the strength to do my part, and I believe that I can only do it, because of His presence through the Holy spirit who work with me. This is how God used my existence which I valued so much.  Why? Because I did not study teaching, I was not a teacher graduate, I am only a mediocre who dreamed to live with purpose.

In this endeavor I bestowed, It is my opportunity to honor the kids volunteer ministry of ENC, General Santos City for believing on me, and for the great chance they gave to every individual who have the desire to be part in any ministry they called to be.

Three years of doing my teaching skills (I call it my hidden skill),, it helps me more to understand the value of the gospel in my daily life.  I did not only learn from the lesson I shared with the kids, I also learned to apply every lesson in any situation of my life.  That is why, teaching the gospel with the children  is also like God teaches you for transformation.

Psalm 78:2-4 for I will speak to you in a parable.   I will teach you hidden lessons from our past- stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us.  

We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders. (from christian quotes)

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Monday, October 31, 2016


Today is souls day, it is the only time that I and my sister have a great time to travel in our hometown where our late father and brother buried in the Cemetery of Koronadal City. 

When we arrived in the said city, we went first to the cemetery  we ask someone to clean the grave. After an hour that we stayed in the said place, we went in  KCC mall, to take our late  breakfast., then we  visit our friend Lilia. We actually plan to go home after visiting her, but we receive message from our oldest brother that he is on his way to Marbel.  So we decided to go back in KCC Mall, and  wait for him.

While we are walking within the premises, I notice a familiar face  and when I looked at him, I actually felt unusual.  My hatred comes up, I cant understand my feeling that time, but, I felt my heart heart wants to burst out, but thank God I controlled myself as I am afraid to make an scandal inside the mall.  Well, I  and my sister, followed him actually, and he noticed it, and when he look at me, I angrily look him.  I really want to go to him and I plan to confront him, but I decided to stay calm.  

While taken our snacks in one of the fast food, I felt uncomfortable,  I really felt the hate inside.  I want to confront him. I want  him to know how I hated him.  While I shared it with my sister, what I felt.  I secretly ask God in my heart, why I felt this way? How I can forgive the guy, who become the instrument of my xh and even the woman involved in FRAMING  me up which is I considered them all the HORRORS in my NIGHTMARES in my past.

Sometimes, if I think and imagine my past, I felt very which I thought, I had already forgive those who caused my pain and failure.  Observing my inner heart, that time, I really want to hear some answer if I do need to forget and forgive him as I know myself that I had already move on.  It was such an answer from those fourteen years, i thought, wishing that someday, I gonna meet that guy to tell him how badly he is.  Too sad, wasn't able to  punch or strike him, which my left head dictate.  In my right head said, so what, it is a long time ago vilma.  

Luckily, while I and my sister decided to go in the comfort room upstairs, I saw again that familiar face, This time, I said into myself, Yes!! this is my opportunity to confront this guy.  I went straightly to him and asked his name for confirmation. and  I am not wrong he is the guy my xhubby friend which had been use to FRAMED me up in the situation they made against me. I used to introduce my name unto him, but, he used not to know me.or  he was acting that he don't know me neither. I told my name, then I said in vernacular "tung imo amigo nabuang na, mayo ikaw wala pa nabuang" in English, your friend is already insane, "good for you because your still not getting insane" and I walked out straughtly.  I know he was shocked of the event I made.  I did the right decision, why?because I want him to know and understand the effect of their mistakes they made 14 years ago against me.  I just only want him to know that there are someone who hates him and I need to renounce it infront of him, so that I can forgive him.  Of course, I believe it happened because of the reason that it is time for me to FORGIVE the people who HURT me for a long time ago.  I felt relieve anyways!! I felt the freedom because after all, the hate that I felt gone and my heart is ready to FORGIVE  and FORGET them.  Only God can do miracle in every human heart.

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.Colossians 3:13 | NIV |

My Prayer:
Dear God, please help me to forgive those people who become the instrument of my failures, cover my heart with love so I know how to love and pray those who hurt me. Thank you father God for the opportunity to met that person whom I hated, and expose to him the reality of their wrong doings, may you open his heart to understand the consequence they made and he shall be able to ask forgiveness unto you. Give us peace in our heart that the time we meet again, love and mercy shall cover my heart. In Jesus name.  Amen.

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