Thursday, July 21, 2016

Know the gift of life/

     We always say that life is a gift. The gift which we shall be able to know and discover in every stage of our life.  

      One time when I and my daughter talk about life, She asked a question, “ Mum, how did you  survived of my attitude? How did you handle everything, despite of those negativity of my emotions which resulted of our quarrels and misunderstanding?  Those questions makes me smile, I took her hands and hug her.  And told her all about, I answered her that “Only God’s grace and the wisdom of love, understanding and patience is my weapon when we are both in the presence of uncontrolled circumstances.  I actually explained to her, that I got surprise of my respond towards her, and told her that every moment we had a misunderstanding; I must to challenge myself whatever the difficulties I faced and learned from it.  I told her that our life is not depended of what we have or of who we are, it is depends of God’s desire and purpose He designed in our life. 
In our early stage of our existence is an experimental of our beings, how we shall be able to response with our emotions which is the most sensitive part of our feelings that we need to control. 
     Our small talks reminded me how crucial the future of our siblings is? if you have no awareness of  what she feels, then the future shall hold the effectiveness of the emotion.
The reality of our existence in the frenzied world, had been complicated because of our heart, desires.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know His desires and the Gift of Life being blessing I receive in my entire life.

     I thank God, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the gift of life.  Our gracious beloved God is the source of everything, in financies and our relationship to our beloved friends, family and most specially our spiritual favour from above.

sweet temptation

Friday, March 25, 2016

..with the temptation

My journey is one of the most valuable thing which help me to stand as a strong woman.  I realized that my life was tested  by different phase of problems, trials, troubles, temptations and giant of circumstances. 

Fourteen years of my separation, I tried to figure out the impact of those challenging part that possessed in my early marriage I consider my marriage as a great revelation of who and what I am now.  I actually consider my marriage as a winning piece in my journey in the sense that God taught me the secret of life. Why I say it? Simply because of my different failures, I learned that life is a great gift comes from above that we need to enjoy.  Failures is not the end of our life, it is the discovery of negative feelings which we are the one responsible with it.  Being the subject, I had discover that hate, self-pity,  discouragement, worries and other negative things brought me in that kind of situation while I was in my own battle of life.  Emotionally, I had been affected and it was  a reason why unnumbered of tears fall from my eyes because of all the pain. The question is..what are the things brought me in the middle of that battle?  

Temptation, No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13

I am human, I need someone to be with, just to shared my losing piece, I mean, to share my  failure that caused me so much pain. And then, someone came along the road, to make it short, I have been tempted and made sin against God.  When I had made my decision to had a relationship with other man after my separation with my husband, I remembered my first tears, the most painful and sinful tears I had done in my life, the result of  repeated mistakes I've done. It is actually one way of showing that I felt too tired in my life.  But God never gave up on me.  He tried to reached me, He open my eyes with the truth, that He loves me so much. God enlightened my mind and my heart,  God wants me to know that He always care for me.  A reason why, until now, I believe and continue to pray that He will be able to shield my heart with His tender kindness love and comfort me with His faithful promise..that soon,the person that I prayed for and love for is not a temptation but His promised that I need to wait for His time.

My prayer.. 

Dear God, thank you so much for guiding my life, for never gave up on me.  Thank you for your love that made me complete everyday.  Thank you for your faithful promised that I hold on.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

sweet temptation

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Maiden's Testimony's Come Back 2016

It was a long time that I never touched nor opened my blog.  I started my life story here, which makes me inspired to write my bad and good experienced.  I am only an ordinary person and writing is not my passion.  But since, I want to publish my own story, I need courage to write it down, because sharing your own story is a blessing.  It maybe help someone or rescue someones life.  It maybe inspired someone, too.  These activity helps me to understand my thought and express my feelings  by writing.  I thank someone who become my mentor and gave me courage to use this skill in making my own anecdote.

A lot of things in the virtual world that I missed out, because of being out of space...ahahha!! I almost forgot the names of some of my virtual friends, the same observed that some blogs are truly commercialized, I mean, they blog because they are paid up.   Oh..that’s what I never done when the paid blogs was popular because I am afraid to be rejected, huh!. 

Anyways, since,  I am in hiatus condition for a decade, I would like to welcome again the Maiden’s Testimony.  And this is an opportunity for me again to practice my skill through writing.  I may not good enough with my grammar, but I will try my best that my thought and purpose shall touch the heart and soul of my readers. I believe that true story shall touch every being.

These Maidens would like to inspire and encourage the readers to be part of her journey. Her objectives are; to  establish a good relationship with her virtual friends; to share her faith and understand more about God in every aspect in her life and How she response in every situation of her life which helps her to value the good and the bad, and lastly, how she defeat discouragement, failures, insecurities and etc...


sweet temptation

Monday, April 27, 2015

Isang Bayan kay Pacman

Pacman Manny Pacquiao  the great fighter in the entire world.  He become a hero in every individual's life.  He is a role model of  the  world.. His life is a great testimony for every Filipinos.  He is a great influence in every individual.  Manny possess a good heart, he loves to help poor people and he loves God.  Kaya Pacman this is for you ISANG BAYAN PARA SAYO!! we pray for you Manny PAcman.

sweet temptation

Friday, April 24, 2015

A decisive victory in a battle.

Individual shows a different characteristic in making a decision. It says that if we have no battle in life we have no power to choose.   My question is,.. How the battle affects your life? How victorious you are?  How would you accept the situation if you lost in that battle?  Is there any solution to come if you become a losser?

A lot of question derived from my mind. I consider my life is far beyond I expect.  My path that I took yesterday is different path than today.  Yesterday I had a win and lost situation that makes me realized.  I need to stand of what I facing contrary with my imaginations.  Yet everything is simply possessing different situations that hang me up.

Considering the question HOW THE BATTLE AFFECTS YOUR LIFE?  Of course I might tell it,  Bravo!! Congrats!!  My battle in every journey that I have is a great opportunity to know the things that makes my life change.  I considered my financial status as a battle.  Every one of us of course needs money.  Money gives you freedom a freedom that sometimes we misuse it because money changes our status of living.  I got some lesson in terms of this matter, back in my past, I remember the time that I have nothing but only Five Pesos (P5.00) in my pocket.  I worried and scared that time, but then that moment,  I cried out and asked my God begging Him to provide, then He answered through other people, God used this person who gave me One Hundred Pesos that day.

Praying yes, that’s the only armour that in every fight I have.  My faith in Him that God is a true God who hears my prayer.   After then, I continued my journey believing God is with me all the time.  This is how my battle affects my life, trusting God and surrendering everything with Him is a right decision that I made.  In everything I have is from God sources.  He said at John 14:14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."  Praise God!!.  My battle affected my relationship with God...I will tell you later ...

That's all for today...thank you dear for dropping by in A Maiden's Testimony.

sweet temptation