Friday, April 24, 2015

Welcome back "A Maiden's Testimony"

       Hello world!! Hello Blogosphere!!  Hello my virtual friends!!  This is how I welcome myself again in the blogosphere. 

           I miss writing although writing is not my passion.  This is also one reason why I stop to write because I am not good in constructing a right grammar.  But, I realize now if I take this reason I going to miss to learn more about English and keep in writing will continue to correct me and help me to learn more ideas in writing. Actually, I learn that writing our own anecdote shall help our heart to express our feelings and it might help us to learn a new strategy using our thought.  They say it will allow you think more and more.  What you think, you write, everything you write is your expression of your heart.

      Anyways, being hiatus for three years, I had missed a lot of opportunity to share my journey in life. But I believe that today is a great chance to share every details of my existence.  I believe it is not too late for me to share my journey which is full of hope in every hindrance she faces.  In every tear she has symbolize her being a woman.  Every pain she has makes her strong.  Every suffering she has there must be joy.  Every mistakes she has there is a lesson.  Being alone in her journey she is in God’s heart.  

Now it is my time to share my own story and I want to welcome you back in A Maiden’s Testimony.

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