Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I miss my Blog

How I miss my homepage!! Yes, it took a long time that I did not visited "A Maiden's Testimony."  I miss writing.  But sometimes, in our life we need priorities.  We have another world beside of this blogosphere.  We need to give attention to ourselves. Because it is hard that someday we realized that we are behind in reality of life.

Well, I have no regret to forget first my blogosphere community.  Because I learned to handle my time without any rush, I learned to choose, I learned to let go, I learned to forget, I learned to remember, I learned to forgive. All such things helps me a lot how to deal every aspect of life.  

I cant deny that I hardly understand the life I am facing before.  The road that I take still blurry, but I tried to open my eyes. I tried to open and let my eyes to see around.  Maybe this can help her and found out that the one she met could help her to find the wonderful path she aimed.  

Well, that's for today.  I hope i can have time to write again here.  

Thank you so much guys, for visiting A Maiden's Testimony.

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Ellen said....

Hi Star,

There is life outside the blog world of course. But we can always spread ourselves evenly in both. It's just a matter of discipline and allocating the right amount of time and passion for each activity. Don't give up the blog particularly if you have much and more to share to the world. Wisdom, insights, perception, and whatever else that people can gather for their own learning.

You have a good blog. Keep at it.
Blessings to you and your family.

Star-chuu said....

@Ellen: Hi Ellen, thank you so much for visiting my homepage. It was quite awhile that I did not visiting my site because I was busy fixing things around my life. God knows how I struggle last year but, I am so thankful that I survived. Of course, I miss this place. A place where I can use my freedom.
Thank you so much Ellen for visiting me and I promise I will continue writing not only for myself, but to share things for others.

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