Friday, April 22, 2011

A Fantabulous Day

It's been quite long since I've got a day off from work. That means no endless paper works, allowance and free internet connection (hehehehe).. But at least, I was able to relax myself for a little while. Me and my daughter is currently enjoying our summer together by bonding inside the kitchen. We've been cooking foods, tons of them I might say.. I've made some roti, it's an indian dish, with a curry and mushroom dip- which is my favorite ever since I came from Malaysia. We also made pancakes and mango float for dessert and of course no one can forget the ice cream. My daughter bought a two in one ice cream which is a double dutch and rocky road-flavored. We just finished swallowing it all up a while ago while talking about some silly stories. I've never felt this big and fat (I can't believe I used those words) before.. But hey, it's the best experience ever. Having to eat everything you like to your hearts content is fantabulously good. Better, I might say.. Well, aside from sleeping and eating, we also enganged ourselves to watching movies. We're currently watching My Princess, it's a korean drama, and it got me all hooked up (My daughter already finished it on youtube.. she's such an addict when it comes to korean dramas).. My sweet and angelic daughter bought a movie entitled "Secret Garden," and we're going to watch it until tomorrow. That means, more fun and more food. All I can say is I just had a fantabulous day today and this is a maiden's testimony.

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sweet temptation


Russ said....

I'll be over for some of that dessert. It looks very good. Keep up the bonding.

Star-chuu said....

@Russ: I was thankful that we have a long holiday Russ, that's the only moment that I and my daughter had a great bonding. We miss chatting, eating, watching movies and sharing some future plan.

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