Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rest in Peace Angelo Reyes

It was a surprise to all Filipino people that the former leader Arm Forces of the Philippines committed suicide. It was agonizing to hear what happened to the late Angelo Reyes. But this is not the issue; the issue is when will this national leaders do their job and responsibilities without a trace of dishonesty.

How we can trust our Filipino leader if graft and corruption will continue to be their habit? How many leaders will be able to tolerate this kind of illegal activities if they became the example of our young leaders?

I hope and pray these new government would have the capacity to instill discipline and cease corruption.

Rest in Peace to Angelo Reyes.

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Lainy said....

Dili ko magjudge ate v kay dili ko judge, nyahahaha!

But kidding aside, I would have wanted to get the truth, instead of him taking his own life, RIP Angelo thoughts and prayers are w/ your family :-(

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: sorry madam, wala gyud ka kaintindi sa sulat ko..mali mali akong grammar...hahahah...nagdali man gud ko kay pauli nako gikan gensan...hapon na kaau..hehehe... Anyways, we what to know the truth, but Angel killed the truth. siguro kung ing ana ang buhaton sa tanang leader nga corrupt maubos gyud ang mga corrupt..hehehe...joke

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