Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nostalgia #4: My First International Travel Experience


I felt the thrill in my first international travel. I felt nervous because I was imagining bad things in my mind. I have asked myself what will happen to me if there's going to be a plane crash? Gosh!! It was an awful thought..tsk..tsk.

Anyways, I haven't even imagined that in my entire life, I can experience to travel especially outside of my own country. Honestly, I am afraid to travel alone. I remember when I left my home to visit my sister who stays at Davao City, I need to ask my mom to bring me there. I was afraid to take a bus and to go in unfamiliar places. I am afraid to get lost.

But, when my dear one invited me to go visit him at his place sometime on January 20, 2007, I was so very excited. The day of my travel, I felt so tired, especially when I was lining up on queue in the immigration window for passport stamp. God!! The lady attendant asked me some supporting documents. What I brought that time was my luggage, passport and money. The departure time was 8:00 in the evening. I phoned my boss at 7:30 in the evening and he advised me to look for someone to help me out. I phoned my dear one and informed him about it. I felt too disappointed that time. I was thinking to go back in my place if the immigration won’t allow me to travel outside the country. But, I still found ways; I went to the security information and asked for his advice. He brought me to other lady attendant and she advised me what to do. I completed quickly my immigration form and changes some details. At the same time I felt very nervous; I can feel my muscles trembling At last, exactly 8:00 0’clock in the evening they allowed me to board the plane.

Thank God! I had a very safe and sound journey. Had the immigration denied me, I have no sweet memories to share with you all, like these pictures below:

We stopped in this bridge for a single shot. I love the scenery in this picture. The peaceful river and the palace of the empire king.
Brrrrrr....I was supposed to be inside the hotel, but I had to go out just to take a picture in this very cold foggy weather, at Genting Highlands.
Beautiful and attractive lights inside the Genting Highlands
I dont want to fly..heheh..I only raised my hands to tell you that this place is beautiful!!

Outside the palace. Before, I only seen this in videoke background. In this photo, I stood in front of this kingdom. I felt like I am the Queen of the World! LOL!

This is the whole story of my first international journey. My dear told me, I am brave!! do you believe that? I hope so.

Thank you so much for reading A Maiden's Testimony.

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sHeNgKaY said....

ang gaganda ng mga napuntahan mo..
siguro now hindi ka na paranoid if mag travel ka taking plane..hehehe..ako minsan ganyan din mag isip..hahaha

mine is up sis..
My Nostalgia

anne said....

Never been to another place, manila and cebu lang yata ang beauty ko hehehe. Visiting here through Nostalgia

Lainy said....

Makarelate ko, LOL! Magkauban baya ta sa akoang first international travel, that was your second. WE will be together again for my second and this time your third, wohhoooooooo!

Star-chuu said....

@shengkay: hahaha....paranoid parin sheng, kasi nakakatakot naman talaga sumakay sa plane. pero wala akong choice need ko talaga mag travel kahit nakakatakot.

Star-chuu said....

@anne: don't worry anne just wait for your time. Maybe someday you will travel in the entire world, walang impossible kay God.

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: hahahahah.....hmmmmm...lapit na gyud imong travel sa A?J?..hahahha

imriz said....

wow, nice photos...dreaming for one, too...ooppsss,no passport yet ^_^

tnx for the comment at my nostalgia entry

Lainy said....

Naglatay-latay pa na sa rainbow, dili pa sure kung makauban jud ko, hehehe.

lina@women's perspectives said....

Lovely photos...
Hope one day I can have an international travel too :)

Dhemz said....

ayay! ka bonggacious ba lamang kau sa escapade galore...labay ko dire gwafa...salamat sa pag duaw sa akong nostalgia.

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