Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Losing Something

Since, it's lollii's examination week, I prepared her dinner though it was late for me to cook. I let her to take her snacks for awhile while preparing her special foods. After she ate, she looks for her things in her school bag. And she asks me if I keep her transparent envelop containing the English work book, assignment, and other important papers related in her exams. She realized that the said tranparent enveloped was inadvertently loss without her knowledge. I advice her to think where is the last time she puts the said envelop. She can't recall anymore maybe because she is tired that time. She starts to panic. She gets worried were her assignments and her notebooks was in the envelop and she needs to study the subject scheduled today. As a mom, I understand that she needs comfort. I adviced her to be calm and make the situation cool. She did not listen instead she makes some argument with me. Ok, I give her some idea how to make a solution in this kind of problem. The following are the tips that I want her to do:

1. Don't panic because this will worsen the situation.

2. Be calm, this will help you to think some options.
3. Make a list of things you need.
4. Since, you still have time to do your assignment, you can make a new assignment.
5. Your Workbook, if it will not recover tomorrow. We have no choice but to buy new one.
6. You need to go early in the school to find the envelop you lost.
7. If not recovered, then you can borrow the notes from your classmate and photocopy then study while there still time to do.

Well, I am thanful, I have a patience to comfort her because of her reaction. She said she started to hates herself...goshhhhh...sometimes it makes me pissed but I need to control myself. I know she needs my comfort specially when she acts to cry.
In the morning, I gave her extra money amounting to Php220.00 in case she didnot recover the english workbook. And when we back home today, she hugs and thanks me because she recovered her belongings. But, the money that I gave, I didn't recover, LOL...why? because her classmate borrowed the half of it and I gave the the rest for her allowance for tomorrow. That's why if your kids lost something, don't get angry, instead, comfort them because they need your support. Because if not, you help them to loss their confidence.

Anyways, I am glad that she got a highest score in her subject.

Thanks for reading, A Maiden's Testimony.

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Lainy said....

Ikaw na jud ang perfect Mama, Ate V. Pang lawyer kaayo ang mga terms dire ba, hehehe. Nakatawa ko sa part na Lollii was able to recover her lost belongings but you weren't able to recover your money, LOL!

You're such a cool Mama and Vyne is very lucky and blessed to have you.

Love and hugs from my home to yours!



Some things never seem to change. When I was a kid in school (back when God created dirt) I would of lost my head if it wasn't attached to my body! :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: Ikaw kaya mag sige himo ug affidavit of loss everyday syempre masaulo gyud nimo..hehehe...I love my daughter so much, she is one of the reason why until now I live here on earth. i want to show here how beautiful life it is. I want her to appreciate and enjoy God's creations and gifts. I am thankful that I am blessed. God bless Laine and Have a wonderful day ahead!!

Star-chuu said....

@THE OLD GEEZER: hahahaha...what a joke ron. Anyways, thanks for visiting me again..Take care and have a great day!!

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