Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Left My Heart in Malaysia

Love conquers everything. Love is sacrifice; this is a reason why I need to wait the right time to be with him again.

My happiness, this is one of the reasons why he needs to book a ticket for me. I know he feels difficult to adjust his time because of his hectic schedule. But, he still arranged my flight two months ago.

Finally, the journey began; my flight is stressful but everything disappeared when I see him waiting outside the airport.

Snapshot inside the plane.

Upon touchdown the Malaysian Airport

This is not the reason why I come back in this place

He is the reason why I left my heart in Malaysia.

Thanks dear,
for your precious time you shared.
for making me happy.
because of you, I become a woman.

This is a maiden's testimony.

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shydub said....

Hi Star, yan na ang fafa mo, ahhhh im sure you miss him terribly. Like you said love conquers everything, love is a sacrifice. You soon be together again. Good to be back in your site again Star.

Star-chuu said....

hi shy, thanks for the visit. Hope and pray for the impossible thing shy. The important is I learn to be contented of what love we have.

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