Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Journey to A Captivating Place

I don't even think that I can still have find myself a time for pleasure. I mean, after the May 10, 2010 Automated National & Local Elections and October 25, 2010 SK and Barangay Elections, the same still busy doing some reports and office works. It is so hard to recover from exhaustion and stress which is cause by too much work. There are times when I tend to ignore myself and family who needs my time and attention. Gosssshhhhhhhhh, I became more stressed when I see myself in the mirror because wrinkles and pimples are popping out of my face!!!

Thanks God, I was able to find time for my health check-up on the day of our Post Election Evaluation Program held at Coco Beach, Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province. I thought, I wouldn't be able to attend this event because of those reasons. Since, we are nine left in the office, I decided to go with them and we traveled for two hours from General Santos City to Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province. I don't want to miss half of my life because this is my first time to see the famous place which I heard from my friends.

We have a joyful trip going to Gumasa. Eeverybody is happy, when we arrived there, some were already enjoying, some were singing and dancing.

And since we were hungry, we directly went to the food area and ate our dinner.

Of course, we can't forget taking more pictures in different angle. Picture here ...picture there...hehehe...watch up!!

Yah, it's Lainy's Birthday!!! Ok Lainy, blow the candle and make a wish!!! ha ha ha....this is the most memorable day for us lainy because we enjoy on your day...

Thank you so much for visiting A Maiden's Testimony.

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sweet temptation


Lainy said....

Aw hala! Birthday man diay nako ni no? Hehe! this is the day i officially declared I'm 25 years old forever! LOL~ It was wonderful to share those wonderful moments with you and the rest ate v.


Star-chuu said....

hahahah....enjoy kaau ni nga adlaw ba..double celebration.. Yes, 25 forever madam lainy..hehehe

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