Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Lainy's Birthday

Today is LAiny's birthday!! Lainy of Lainy's Musings celebrated her birthday today, October 29, 2009. Don't ask me how old she is now, because I will answer you what she wrote on the white board in the office.."25 forever", hehehe, believe me, that's her true and correct age.
Anyways, Lainy and I is working in the same office and she is my friend, too. Lainy is my mentor a reason why I belong in this community, she is the one who encourage me to use my brain, definitely she reminds me that I can still use my stained brain...heheheh.

To you Lainy, I know that your happy now to the fullest, because you have your family, friends, work and forever prince.

This picture taken last year when she is 25 years old and she is still remained sweet and lovely 25.

I would like to say thank you in advance, for the free lunch and dinner today..I mean lunch only..but if you want to continue till next day, then we are much happier than you..hehehehe.

I love you lyn, your the most kind person and you know how emotional I am if I seen you sick. The only one that I wish and pray is your health. Please, take good care of your health because I know how your friends miss you here in blogosphere.

Once again Lainy, Happy Happy Birthday, I know mabubusog mo kami!!!Cheers!!! Thank you it's your birthday, a reason why I updated my blog!!

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sweet temptation


Windy said....

Hmmm Star,

Lainy is 25 Forever?

Then that makes me 16 Forever.

What about you?

Star-chuu said....

Hi windy, me? sweet 18 forever...heheheh..i Miss you windy, were all busy here i wasn't be able to update my blog.

Bill said....

Happy birthday dear Lainy and my you have many many more. :-)

E-Money said....

Happy B`day so where is the B day cake for me??? ;)

Cacai M. said....

This comment has been removed by the author.

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