Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wednesday's! What it's all about (you gotta know) #2

Election time is approaching. Politician is starting to divulge to the public what position they are running. They are now making different strategies and techniques in order to win. Some are using old and new tricks in order to seize the attention of the mass. And some are ready to kill for the position in order to win. This kind of scenario is common every time we conducting the elections here in our country.

On November 20, 2009 (FRI) to November 30, 2009 (MON) is a Filing of certificates of candidacy for all elective positions. (Sec. 13, RA 9369).

Now, it is time to use our right to choose the best leader that could bring our country from a graveyard. Let them know that we vote not of their fame and deceiving promises, we vote for a good leader who has concern to all Filipinos and to our country.

Anyways, pictures below are my souvenir together with the candidates of General Santos City who filed their candidacy, during the last 2007 Elections and some pictures during the Candidates Manifesto. They are already judged by the GENERALS and they will be critic again by the GENERALS through voting for these coming 2010 Elections if they will run again for any position.

Manny (Pacman) Pacquia and Star

Congresswoman Darlene Antonino and Manny (pacman) Pacquia

Manny "Pacman" Pacquia and Commissioner Romeo A. Brawner

Candidates for Councilor

Candidates Forum

From Left: star, karen, Hon. Darlene Antonino, lalang and kittle

Hon. Darlene Antonino and Star
From the right: My officemate, STAR, BOTTOM LINES and the Hon. Pedro B. Acharon

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sweet temptation


Windy said....


You know what is the difference between Asian politicians and Westerner politicians?

Asians go into Politics to get rich.
Westerners go into Politics because they are rich.

So, no matter how we Asians look at these candidates, there is none among them who are Mother Teresas'.

Thanks for sharing with us your Wednesday's What.

God Bless You!

""rare*jonRez"" said....

Waaah sikata oi! Nakagunit na ka sa kamot ni Pacman sis? Hehehe... Ka-lingaw no? Basta oi, bati baho tanan politicians diha pinas. Sakto jud si Windy jud! ;-)

Cacai M. said....

oizzt Te Star, blooming ayo ka oi.. mora ra tah og ka-edad.. great!

Bert | UPrinting.com said....

The Great boxer Manny Pacquiao who defeat the legendary golden boy. Anyway politics is still competing all over the country to gain more power. Hopefully politicians make their responsibilities truth and sincere for the sake of the country men.

Bill said....

I agree with Windy but that was such a funny comment he wrote but o so true. Thanks for sharing Star.

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