Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday's What it's all about #4/Salute to you Mama Vilma, You have a Golden Heart

This award made by windy is one of the most award that I love most. An award that has its hilarious story. I don't know how to start the Tale, but what I remember before I and Windy became friends because of a Joke. Lainy and Windy...THEY started a joke!!

When it started?

first scene

On May, 2009, I was surprised when I received a long-distance call from Malaysia:

Conversation was delivered like this:
Vilma: Hello, whose on the line please?
Windy: Hi Vilma, it's me JT.
(He have something to tell me, but I can't understand what he said, I decided to put off the call)

We haven't talked too long, since, my mobile phone has a very low volume and I don't understand what he was talking about.

I noticed this someone who called me has a different accent, and he called me directly in my name. If JT called me he will say, "MY DEAR HOW ARE YOU?"

I told Lainy about the call. I sent her a message like this:
"Leyn, JT called me and He wants me to go in Malaysia again to meet him, I am very excited Leyn."

She answered like this:
"Really Ate Vi? "

I didn't even think that Lainy knows this all about, she knows that Windy is the one who pretended as JT.

To make it short, when I chatted Windy four months ago, he revealed to me that he is the one who called me pretending as my special friend. He asked me what I felt when he called me pretending that he is my special friend, and said sorry for playing the joke. I answered Him:
It's ok, i haven't felt anything Windy, instead, I do thank you for your time chatting with me, for the call and for the advices.
2nd Scene:

Yesterday, my boss (Bottom Lines) told me to book him a flight slated on September 26-October 2, 2009 to Manila. Since, I can't find the directory book, I decided to asked Lainy by sending a message in her mobile phone:

Please click the entire conversation here:

Our Journey To Forever: All the World's A Stage, And We are Mere Players.

3rd Scene:

Last night, I received an SMS message from Lainy. - These are the forwarded messages of Windy to Lainy and forwarded to me.

1st message

"Lainy, how to say it? I am in trouble and ashamed too, Duh! I got a school girl pregnant. Haiyoooo! I wanna die. She wants to kill her elf and the baby. What am I to do?"
2nd message
"LAINYYYY! Why no answer from you? You hate me, is it? I thought you are a true real friend."
3rd message
"Lainy, do you think Vilma can help me, I am too shy to ask her. i don' know how it happened. I lost control. "

Ok...dear friends and readers, Please visit the whole hilarious story here:

Wednesday’s What it’s all about (you gotta know) #5 | A Tale of Two Sillies

Wednesday What It's All About (You Gotta Know) # 4

and tell me if I am deserving to receive the GOLDEN HEART AWARD.

Thank you for your time reading, A MAIDEN's TESTIMONY.

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""rare*jonRez"" said....

hi sis!
i've read the entire story and yes, i do think you deserve this very sincer and heart-warming award that Windy created. you are one special person sis! :)

my new blog's url by the way is hope you can visit me there! ;-)

shydub said....

Ang bait ko kayang friend star kaya you deserve the award. Ang naman ng conversation ninyo, ang layo ng mapupuntahan to follow the while story but i will check on it, na cucurious ako sa nest scene hehehehe.

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Worths Road
Simple Happy Life

Cacai M. said....

Nakz te Star, it seems it's a long story.. but actually I already read the summary(on my mind), yet I will have to follow more along.. that's some kind of Windy is a guy? seems it is she for me, hemmm... interesting.. I will have to find it out.. and makes me want to join this "What's Wedneday is all about(you gotta know).. cool!

Windy said....

Waduhai Star,

Gimana sih? Cerita ni tersangat lucu deh. Hahaha
Jadi bisa ada anak angkat kah? Kapan?

hee hee hee

Windy said....

Oooo! Cacai M,

Please do so, we'd love to have you with us at Wednesday's What it's all about (you gotta know) Meme.

I am a very handsome old man. Curios, Candid and Creative in more ways that you can imagine. LOL!

Star-chuu said....

Hi Sis, thanks for reading the whole plot. IT's humurious!! hahahha...and I know this award given by Windy is most convincing.

Star-chuu said....

Hello Sis shy, u need to read the whole plot or else you will miss one half of you're life..hehehe..joke lang..bitaw sis..grabe murag mamatay ko sa katawa.hehehe..dira ninyo ma prove kung deserving gyud ko sa golden heart award.

Star-chuu said....

Ohh Cai, I thought Windy is a woman before, but I proved it wrong, as he said he is a very Handsome Man. And you are welcome to be part of Wednesday Meme Cai. Visit Windy's Blog and get the code.

Star-chuu said....


Yes Windy, this is humourious story, and I am still hoping for a child named VINCENT to adopt..heehehhe...hey, I can understand you windy.

Brochure Printing said....

You have such comical friends. :) They really do the silliest things sometimes. Good thing you didn't get mad with all the craziness they did and you can take a joke.

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