Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday SAved-The Best for Last # 11

I saved this Saturday for Windy known as Windmill on the Hill. Through Lainy of Lainy's Musings I met him, since then, we became friends, and I considered him as my big brother.

I am truly grateful for his help when my daughter's blog was hacked and for offering my daughter a new domain in wordpress. Lollii and I was mesmerized by the new layout which was filled with cute, pink flowers. You can go visit it at

Lollii was truly excited to post but due to the fluctuating connection here in our area and her hectic schedule at school, her writable ideas are ought for pending. She was definitely glad because there's someone like her Uncle Windy to lend her a hand. My daughter, lollii, told me that her blogs url was inspired by those people around her who showed her deep appreciation and affinity though life may throw raging and annihilative phenomena at her. That is how, iam-loved was born...

Again, to you Windy, We are grateful for giving us an opportunity to be our friend. You're one of a kind Windy, a person who offer his unconditional help towards us. Thank you and God bless always.

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sweet temptation


Hi! I'm Grace said....

Hi Star, I came here to drop EC.
You got a cool blog in here. :)

Windy said....

Star and Yyne,

It was my pleasure to do whatever was necessary.

I am humbled by your outpouring of gratitude.

God Bless you Always,

Bert | said....

Nice blog you have here. And cute story as well. Keep posting.

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