Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Money Matters #2 How do I survived?

Hard life is one of the cause why I pursue myself to accept any kind of work one of a time, in order to survive from our needs and save something for the future.

I got an stagnant future when I decided to get married in my early stage. I focused my life in my family and small business, I gave all my time and attention in this matter which I didn't expect the dilemma's I encountered. A phenomena in life which giving an opportunity to see a true freedom that I obtain in my life, now.

After two years of life adjustment of being a mother and father of my daughter, I decided to enrolled in the school for a night class. I know that my commission that I recieved every weekends is not enough for our daily needs, I find ways to add my source of income.
I accepted my client and friend offer to be their Bookkeeper. I also accept housekeeping and Wedding Coordinator at the same time.
Well, it is so hard to handle my time, but good thing as I survived from this kind of life.
Maybe this figures below will given you some ideas, how do I budget my salary in different activities that I have in the year 2003-2004.

Bookeeping - P1,200.00
Housekeeping - 1,500.00
Catering Services - 1,200.00 (minimum)
Encoding(Commission) - 2,500.00
Total Income per month-P6,400.00

The above amount is not enough for my studies that I am planning in the year 2004. I am desperate to pursue my plan, but God is good, I know He heard my mourn while I am praying. My friend introduced unto me the City Election Officer of Comelec (Bottom Line). I applied and submit my resume, and He hired me as his secretary. When I started to received my salary for the amount of P5,082.00 I still continue my part-time jobs.Then I recieved a compensation, to wit:

One month Salary - P5,082.00
Total part-time income 6,400.00
Total P11,482.00
Less my 1semester school pay (8,000.00)
Total Amount P 3,482.00

Hmmmmm......of course, I still save something for rainy days. Congratulations to me..."hahahahhaha" At last at the year 2007, I graduated as an Information Technology at STI, of General Santos City. Hope this would be one of a guide for anyone who experience hardship in life. Don't lost hope, be strong to meet your goal in life. Be positive in everything, be a good fighter and learn from your experience.

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sweet temptation


Windy said....


What do you study at your Night Course?

It is not cheap. When you get your grade for that Course, will it increase your job opportunities or will you present Employer raise your month salary?

Star-chuu said....

I studied Information Technology.

Nothing changed Windy, I still received the same salary but my commission that I received from my current boss is more than the amount that I received from my previous part-time job. The only changed is my time that I spent to different activities that I had before. Now, I can use my time spending with my family.

walkw/me said....

Congrats for attaining some part of your goals in life. Life is just like that, if we want to achieve something we need to work hard for us to get it.

Have a great day. I want to exlink with you, if you don't mind. Just let me know if ur interested. thanks

Bill said....

congrats my friend you are making it happen.

Louise | Brochure Printing said....

You are such a hardworking woman.
Who can blame you for working so hard though? You have a lot responsibilities that must be fulfilled...
Good luck on your job(s)! :)

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