Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Save - The Best for Last #6

Blowing my 38th Candle Part-II

July is the month of my birthday, well done celebration but unfinished obligation to thanking people for their lovely wishes and gifts. To my daughter of Lollii-pii who gave these card during my birthday, saying:

Saranhaeye! ( I love You)
You will always be my precious one even though my actions are different from what I utter.
I do treasure all the things we've been through and I'm glad, I shared it with you. Happy Birthday Ma!
Look mom, I've given you money but, to be honest, that's my allowance for this day. Anyways, I just wanna greet you a Happy Birthday.

When I am sad, you never failed to cheer me up with your silly jokes.
Whenever I'm sick you cure me with your loving heart.
When I'm down you're there to lift me up.
Even though you're OLD
Even though you're STUBBORN
Even though you're HOT TEMPERED
Even though you're NOT PERFECT...
You're my mom and there's no other mom in the world that is like you.


to my officemates who contributed an amount for a gift headed by Lainy of Lainy's Musings,
from left, Ate Pam, ER, Lainy, Aem, Leah, Ging-ging and me
Nice red blouse, I love color red it represents me as a strong woman, they said..hehehe.
I hope I am not look like a matrona (old woman)..hehehe

to my following blogger friends: Lainy, Twinks, Cidy and Tammy who extended their time with me at the Grab a Crab restaurant (KKB - Kanya-kanyang bayad- Pay your own foods, heheheh)
Tammy and Twinks
The four lovely ladies: from left Tammy, Twinks, the celebrant and Lainy
Grrrrr...I can't control myself to bite this delicious chicken wings.
Wow...great post ladies!!!Look! I am the oldest one with this three gorgeous ladies..
It's eating time...
diet time ???????
but I cant....hehehehe
Pretty Lainy and Sexy Tammy!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...what a big mouth !!

and to my lovely and sweet virtual friends:
she is lovely and kind, what I can't forget from her when I am new in this community she offered her votes to me on lainy's contest, sis shy, I treasured it so much thank you for you're open arms and embracing me as you're friend. God will bless you and you're family. And

a sweet and amiable lady who keep her time by visiting my blog regularly, we start our friendship through the awards and comments and she is also one who voted my entry on lainy's contest. I really appreciate you Cai for a friendly gesture you shared and I am wishing that I can meet you and other virtual friends in person and share a memorable moments that we will partake soon....

To all I love you and thank you so much.

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sweet temptation


Scotty's Princess said....

Belated Happy Birthday, Ate vi! Grabeh ang celebration! One month siguro ni ba, hehehe! Kagwapa sa mga bida dira sa pics, wahehehehe! Sweet keeu imong anak Ate Vi bah, mana sa imo, hehe!

Windmill said....

Once again, Happy Birthday Ate Vilma.

Hope you're not just growing older but wiser too.

How come not one single male in your birthday get-to-gether bash?

God Bless!

Star-chuu said....

@scotty's princess
Lyn..di pa layo itsura nako sa inyo, pwede ko pa e tell nga 29 years old ako..hahahaha...

Star-chuu said....

Thank you windy, hmmmm I still look young at my age?..sigh..
Well, better to have a get together with this lovely ladies with one men that will cause me heart break, toinks!!...hehehe...noooooo.. i mean if you're here maybe you're invited in that girl's night out.

David Funk said....

Wow, four of my favorite online friends in the same place at the same time. I like the pictures and you all look great in them!

Glad to see Saturday Saved, Star!


check my profile/feeds here
view my blogs here

shydub said....

Wow Star, saya naman ng Birthday mo, may inuman pa, at bongga ang resto ha,. Ang daming handa, special ka talaga star. Napaka sweet rin ng unica iha mo si lollii. You are one lucky hot mama dear friend. Plus you are blessed with awesomely nice friends. Im lucky to be one of your friends here in the blogland star, but who knows when we get lucky magkita tayo sa pinas liit yata ng mindanao. CDO isang jeepney ride lang to GENSAN waaaaa. Happy Birthday Again star, I wish all your dreams came true, goodhealth, lovelife and all the happiness in the whole wide world mapasayo lahat.Muah!!!

Cacai M. said....

naku kakahiya nito Te Star. I mean naulaw ko gamay (~_~).. bitaw oi, saludo ako ni Lollii-Pii ky sweetie! and yeah Te Star you're hot one momma! and oo pwede pa tawagon og kasing-edad lang tah.. pretty too! Happy2x birthday jud!

Star-chuu said....

Thank you so much David, it's a girls're one of a kind David. a reason why we become you're friend in this community. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to be part in your friend list. God bless to you my dear friend.

Star-chuu said....

@Health is wealth
Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I promise to visit you too. HAve a nice day.

Star-chuu said....

Thank you Shy, I've been there in CDO..hehehe...sure..10 hours travel...well, I wish that my perfect guy will find the star to love..not to give the star a moon. hehehe..tama ba?

Star-chuu said....

Hi cai, hehehe..I am proud to have a sweet and lovely daughter..nag dream gyud ko nga mag mana ko sa iyaha...kay ang inahan pa ang tudlu-an..hehehe...we both lucky to have each other. Thanks cai for being my friend.

Grampy said....

Hope you had a good birthday. Did you have the men hidden?

Star-chuu said....

Thank you of men hidden..still searching and praying for this men to find me as soon as possible.

Nairobian Perspective said....

what a close knit group of bloggers!thats something

Star-chuu said....

@Nairobian Perspective
Hello, thanks for dropping by.

Hi! I'm Grace said....

Belated happy birthday, Star-Chuu.
Nice ang mga pictures nyo. :)

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