Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Money Matters #1

It's all about money matters.

It is so hard to imagine that if you are living without difficulties in handling a money because you know how secured you are in terms of the standard of living. But then, the question is are you satisfied because of money but you're family is in trouble? Well, I choose to get separated and started with my life and struggled to find a job in order for me to sustained my needs and my daughter's needs.

On December 2002, I was luckily hired as a computer encoder in one of a computer business services, here in our place. The manager offered me 35% commission from my typing jobs and lay-outs. We accept any printing services, such as: Wedding Invitation, Calling Cards, Lay-outing of Cards, different Logos, and etc..

How much I earned?

I earned Five Hundred Pesos Philippine currency (P500.00) weekly depends on the volume of a customers that my employer assigned to me, sometimes I earned One thousand pesos and I received my minimum monthly commission with the amount of P2500.00.

How do we survived?

Since, the standard of living here is not quite high like in other cities , so the money that I earned was enough for our daily needs. I gave P20.00 daily for my daughter's school allowance equivalent to P100.00 per week with a total amount of P400.00 per month. I bought one kilo of rice with the amount of P18.00 pesos and a total amount of P90.00 per month, viand with total amount of P465.00. I kept P500.00 or below that amount for rainy days.

Commission per month-------- P2,500.00
Daughter's allowance ----------- P 480.00
Rice ----------------------------- 90.00
Viand ---------------------------- 465.00
Fare and others expense ----------500.00
Savings for Rainy Days ----------- 500.00
Gross -------------------------(P2,035.00)
Total Amount -------------------P 465.00
Less: Other Expense
For Leisure ---------------------- ( 200.00)
Total Cash on Wallet --------------P 265.00

Me and my daughter lollii-pii budgeted a little amount for our bonding time every weekends with the amount of P200.00 for watching movie and for snacks.

What can I say is..God is good all the way. He blessed us and used some people as instrument to provide our needs too. God never failed to help, as He knows that we need to survived from difficulties of life that we are facing that time.

Thank you so much for your time reading my first Monday Money Matters, if you want to share more about MOney Matters then join with us...and visit Windy the author of Windmill on the Hill.

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sweet temptation


Windy said....


No wonder you are a Star!

I can't imagine how you could still save P500 or under for emergencies. You were already in an Emergency with that drawn salary.

It is amazing how humans can still eke out a life with their child or children under such conditions. Simply amazing because when it is not like that and there is more money earned, everything starts to fall apart - when there's more money to spend. LOL!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Monday Money Matters. Truly appreciated.

God Bless you and Vyne Always!

Star-chuu said....

Thank you Windy, Well, it is so hard to survived in that amount. Since, I am a thrifty woman, and I am not a materialistic one. I do spend money that we valued most. Saving a little amount for rainy days is more important to me windy, because I have no other source of income and I need to prepare something for emergency.

Scotty's Princess said....


Bilib na jud ko sa imo, Ate V kung gi-unsa nimo pag-magic imong salary at the time! Vyne is one lucky daughter to have you as a Mom. Yan ang Mama, magaling sa pera kahit walang pera, hehehe!

Star-chuu said....

@Scotty's Princess
HEhehee...lyn mao na tong sa-unang panahon. Hello dako na baya ang2500 tong year 2000..pero karon ambot makautang pako sa akong anak..hehehe..kay masdako pa ipon nya kaysa sa akoa...

Scotty's Princess said....

Hmmm, sabagay. Akong sueldo that time sa akoang first job year 2000 kay 4K pero kulang man gihapon. Mao bilib gihapon ko nimo giunsa nimo pag- magic, LOL!

Star-chuu said....

@Scotty's Princess
Lyn sorry wala nako na butang nga nag puyo ra mi ni vyne sa gamay nga kwarto sa ako-ang untie ug free na ang suga kag tubig. Well, naglisod baya ko ka budget..pero siguro tungod nga mga sanina namo ni vyne donor sa akoang mga kuya ug ate, naa pod si mamang naga tabang sa akoa, kaya nakatipid gyud ko kaayo kana nga tu-ig.

ROSILIE said....

Grabe ate vilma!

Maguily man sad ta ana piso wala man lang maadtu sa akuang savings kay mag sigi man ko laag ug kaun sa gawas. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

I salute you and vyne! take care always.miss you a lot!mwa!

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