Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SEO Results of Yaman Gensan 2009 Contest

I participated the Yaman Gensan 2009 Contest featured by Sir Avel, known as Mr. Bariles of Gensan. Surely, this contest will not be successful without the following sponsors:

Tierra Montana Hotel

Inside one of Tierra Montana’s 27 Newly Refurbished Deluxe Rooms
Tierra Montana Hotel’s Swimming Pool and Outdoor Jacuzzi

Grab A Crab Coffee 101 corner located at Laurel East, General Santos City.
Hmmmm... I miss the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2008 that we participated last year on October 25-26, 2008 at Family Country Hotel and Convention Center.

A day to remember wherein Mr. Bariles treated us in a Grab A Crab Restaurant and Coffee 101 corner (gold sponsors), sky is the limit: Some captured photos of the delicious foods that I miss... YUMMY!!!!

See, can you imagine our smile and we never regret to be one of the volunteer during the preparation of that event.

That's the first summit that we attended and acquainted with other bloggers Rosilie, Psyche, Lainy, Mam Arlene and other bloggers of different cities and municipalities.

Ohhh...where I am now? sorry guys, I forgot to mention who is the Top 5 winner SEO Yaman Gensan 2009 contest, because of the foods.

Actually, we are 10 bloggers participants in this SEO Yaman Gensan 2009 contests featuring the Side A Band Concert here in General Santos City. After, I submitted my entry of 2009 Yaman Gensan, I monitored the SEO results to check who is always in the Top 5 at Google Search. In the last hour of SEO on July 14, 2009, I immediately congratulates Lainy of Lainy's Musings as Top One in SEO of this screen shots results.
When we attended the awarding day, Mr. Bariles announced the winners and Lainy got Top Two in SEO Contest. Mr. Bariles explained that he gets the results on July 15, 2009 and wasn't able to update and post the winners in his site on time because of various reasons.

Congratulations for the TOP 5 winners:
  1. Leonard Pe
  2. Lainy
  3. Rain Cindy
  4. Rosilie
  5. Bunsoi
And...hehehehe...Ohhh..BTW, I am not expecting that I be in top 7 as I rated my site as Top11. Thank you so much for the consolation prize, I received 2 tickets for General Admission.
Rain Cindy, Bariles, Leonard, Lainy, I with Concert Producer and Contest Sponsor Michael Wee (back) and Concert Marketing Head Marc (extreme right)

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Hi... I won 2nd place of Dj Tammy's slogan contest a@ and I won 1000EC from you...u can send it to you...

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