Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Saved-The Best for Last#4

nO oNe oR SomE One
by Lollii-pii

Being Ms. Popularity? or Being Ms. Nobody?
Which will you choose?

Some say Popularity = Stardom and most of our teens,nowadays, aspire being on the top. Using everyone else for their own interests. Talk about Crab Mentality.

On the other hand, ms. Nobody remains Nobody after all. Who cares? They don't need her. She doesn't need bitchy, filthy friends like them too.

Most think, school is the kingdom of those rich, nasty kids who only has their beauty yet not using their brains, and yes they're right. You may all have the world's best friends to be yours with just a blink of an eye and a single signature on your One billion dollar check. But, could they be true? or could they be only using you? Party here, party there, that's what they always do with their life, 'cause they have everything except for true comrades.

Funny you may think but truer it will be, Ms. Nobody may not have the popularity she dreams of but she is sheltered with a true family and companions. The more you are being true to yourself, the more you'll get what your heart longed for.

Work your time and Love your friends.

Is it better to have the fewest number of friends who'll be there for you when you fall than having billions of them who wants to see you crawl?
Is it better to enjoy freedom, money and fame and all the crowds attention rather than be ignored for the rest of your life?

Admit it or not, we all want to be Ms. Popularity, even I, myself, too. But, take a look at the consequences...
...aren't the burden too heavy to carry by only a single person?

Now, I will leave this question for you...
Who will you choose? and Who will you be?
Ms. Popularity? or Ms. Nobody?

Happy reading guys!!

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Windmill said....

Oh what a poignant topic to write about, especially in these times when simple, time proven principles of life is a thing of the past and best forgotten.

What would I chose? Neither of the two. Really....

I would just be myself. My own life story has been one of tremendous challenges from my early childhood. That taught me heaps.

Popularity is fickle. And being a nobody is depressing too.

I took the motto of my first School to be the motto that drives me for the rest of my life. The motto being: STRIVE and ATTAIN.

And true to what you mention in your article, it is not the Quantity that matters. It's QUALITY that does.

There is no greater honour that one can do to oneself by being true to what one is. It makes life that much simpler.

Thanks again for sharing your Saturday Saved and I wish you a lovely weekend and hope that your daughter is recovering speedily from her bout of illness.

God Bless you Always,

""rare*jonRez"" said....

nice, nice, nice!

And what would I choose?

Well, I'll choose to be NOBODY in people's eyes, but SOMEBODY in God's eyes. That's all that matters in the end.

My hubby did a sermon on the woman in the Bible called nobody by the people. (The key reference Mt 9:18-26 Mr 5:22-42 though I have to check 'em and confirm first but lemme share w/ you the main thought why I chose what I chosen) She had this sickness (bleeding) for a very long time in her life already that people treated her nasty, unimportant, and in short, NOBODY in their eyes. She couldn't be treated by the doctors because accordingly, she sinned and it was her sins that caused her disease that couldn't be healed. Her only hope: JESUS. And Jesus came to her place one day but HE was crowded with people and the woman called NOBODY wasn't able to get near to Jesus, she was only able to hold Jesus' garment with the hope and faith that she could be healed by that little act. Remember, she was NOBODY and she tried to reach out to JESUS. And when she did, Jesus said, And Jesus said, "SOMEBODY hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me." LUKE 5:17

You see, the woman called NOBODY by men was SOMEBODY to Jesus. It's all about hope and faith in HIM sis. Earthly things are all but vanity.. I maybe NOBODY in man's eyes, but I have faith in HIM that would make me SOMEBODY in HIS eyes. ;-)

Stacie said....

Funny you posted this. Now a days all the kids want to be popular. My son gets so upset because he isn't popular. LOL Who needs to be popular. What happens to the kids after they graduate? Are they still popular? Do they still talk to their friends? Probably not they moved on with there life. I enjoyed reading this today. Have a great day!

UPrinting said....

Hhmmm.. I was never popular in school, home, office or just about anywhere. While I do want to be recognized for who I am and for what I can do, I prefer living a low-profile life.
I prefer doing some things alone rather than with a whole bunch of people around me. Well, there are times when I do want a lot of people by my side, but only those that I treasure and love. Those who recognize my uniqueness and from time to time, my weirdness.
I love being different. But I love having a lot of friends too..

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