Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Saved - The Best For Last #2

Have yo ever felt bearing all the burden of the world?
Killing you time to time? Have you ever handled such disgrace?

This particular woman I know who is dear to me had been in the same predicament. This awe-inspiring lady has a very interesting story of love and survival.

Six years ago, she had encountered a dilemma which brought her family in true pain and agony. Shattering their dreams of being a joyful and complete kindred. It all started because her husband's third party. That certain year, her partner started to become a dipsomaniac and started to smoke. Suspicions kept chasing her. Night after night, she was suffering from complete violence and harm. It was the month between February and April that she came up with a hard decision, to leave her husband and child, until she recovers from the disaster she had been.

Five years later, after that occurrence, she had a peaceful and free life with her child who's already in sixth grade. She had known this particular man and developed a special relationship with him. They grew more in love each they though they're miles away from each other. A year after, they met each other in his country, Malaysia, there they shared precious moments together.

Three days later, she went back with a huge happy grin on her lips. Now, she was sure she had found the man of her life. A couple months after, she had learned that they can't be together. The man she had thought was hers, was a dream after all.

"I love you and I know you do, but, this is not the right time for our love to be one."
"I love you very much My Dear...and I'm Sorry."

.....and those were his last words.

Another failure in love. When will this lonely madam find her true love? She lose hope to find love but called for God to give him to her...


................DO YOU WANNA KNOW WHO THE MAIDEN IS?................

Another piece of my daughter LOLLII-PII, hope you enjoy reading.

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djtammy said....

post was written by Vyne? whew! I tried not to read the post but really caught my attention! Feeling ko kasi we are on the same track! sigh! what a life....kelan nga ba magiging happy si Ms. Maiden?

Windmill said....

There is nothing so rare in this dreadful existence than the existence of a love that can be everlasting.

It takes great personal courage to live with the physical absence of the Great Hope and to face the denial of one's yearning senses.

Life is a gamble.

Leo Mar said....

Hi Star, your daughter can really write. Good one. Have a great weekend!

jessel said....

very interesting, i will keep going back here and read more of your wonderful content..keep it up! and thanks for the visit..

Star-chuu said....

Tam ha dili pod ta desperada kaau oi..hehehee...the important thing is we are happy what we have now. Love can wait in a right time. Let our God chooses best for us, maabot ra na.

Star-chuu said....

Hi Leomar, thanks for the compliment, she writes well and i wan't to share all of her piece. Thanks for windy for this great Idea and for inviting me to his saturday saved-meme. Thanks for leaving you're comment here.

Star-chuu said....

Thank you so much windy, sometimes love trapped us in a situation that we don't want..but we do, because love is the most powerful feeling that we have. We can't control the situation if our heart will decide.

Windy, we don't need to gamble our life as long as we have peace in mind, then our life would be better not only for today, but until the end of of our life. Goodday!! and God bless you Windy, take care always.

Star-chuu said....

Hello Jessel, thanks for stopping by and read some of my entry. Thanks for the visit dear friend.

""rare*jonRez"" said....

another great post of your daughter sis! more to come i wish! i luv reading her thoughts!

and tell her i am interested to know who the maiden is! haha!

Star-chuu said....

Sis, thanks for the compliment, I will share all her write-ups here. Nagatulog ra man good iyang blog sis, kay busy naman siya sa iyang schooling.

hmmmm...hehehe about kay maiden??? comment!!

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