Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks for the Award Windmill.

My journey in different blogs had given me more information and known more excellent bloggers, definitely, I am surprised of the response of those people who are in a higher level of professionals blogger who had extended their warm friendly attention to a typical and average level blogger like me.

I concluded that, Is it hard to be acquainted with them because of their intelligent they possessed and they will excluded you in their list if they would notice that you're not a good writer neither a none sense novelist.

Anyways, that's only my own perception, I am wrong of my negative intuition, hence, one of the most respectful and most brilliant man in the world of professionals blogger known as WINDMILL of "Windmill on the Hill"

awarded me and

my daughter lollii-pii

this Passionate Award

A million thanks to you WINDMILL, you're the best one that I ever met in this blogosphere, I won't forget you and I'll cherished this PASSIONATE AWARD you extended for me and to my daughter.

More power to you and to your family..Be happy and healthy, God bless you dear Windy.

I am happy to pass on this Passionate award to
Uncle Che of AZ Blogging and
Baby Noela of My Blog Says

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Windmill said....


You're welcome.

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Thank you,

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