Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday Saved - The Best For Last

I joined this meme entitled "Saturday Saved-The Best For Last" featured by Windmill "Windmill on the Hill".

Today, I would like to share this entry written by my daughter in her blog, My daughter is a certified blogger and she writes well, but since she is busy and have no time to write because of her school activities, it comes out in my idea to post her works and some posted entries from her blog with her permission to avoid plagiarism.

I just want to repost this entry entitled “THE NEGLECTED LEGITIMATE CHILD” I just only want to say to the concern person (her father) "that we have a freedom to tell our own story and you have a freedom to read and comment. But you have no right to tell our daughter to erase her post since this is the only way that she can express her feelings (either good or bad) to help her from any depression she got." You know how I protected her, especially her feelings and I didn't advice her to hate you but instead I told her to love and pray for you, because I know what she feels for you "she did love you and I respect her feelings". This is the only way that she can make herself free from fears, to tell her experience and share it to the world, how she survive.

I want to say in Tagalog (Bato, bato sa langit ang matamaan wag magalit), if ever you pass by in this blog and re-read again this post. I'm sorry, just read and comment.

by lollii-pii

Life is iniquitous and unjust but one thing is certain, God is not.

Awful-that would surely be the literal characterization of my untimely eight years of existence. Horrid is for the next seven years of my living in this ample place called earth I was vaguely sanctified with an unsatisfactory household and a reckless father. The disjointing of my family was the worst condition I had ever stumbled upon. It pains me to witness how both my father and mother toss their rings, the symbol of their affinity and unison, in the wastebasket or in the pawnshop. Yet, nothing is more complex and excruciating when you perceive your father holding another pregnant woman’s hand- hugging and kissing her like she was his wife. I must be vexed but no matter how hard I try to be aggravated by the scene, there’s nothing I can do to alter it- it’s there, I just need to accept those nightmarish facts. I’ve had various quantities of stepsisters on diverse stepmothers and it still is a burden in my life in an odd way. I loved them- my stepmothers and even those little cute babies who knew nothing about adultery however, my dad’s actions gave me a reason on why I must brawl for what is mine. I am fond of my dad- I do things to please him like presenting hearty gifts on his birthday and other occasions but I just don’t think that he feels the same way towards me too. He can’t even remember my age. He knows nothing about me. Yes, I’m a perfect stranger in his imperfect world. Honestly, I am scared. The fear of losing my dad brings hideous shivers unto my bones. He’s slowly turning his back away from me- what I need is a 360 degrees turnaround not the half of it. Dad was never responsible when it comes to me and my mom. He was like a pleasing seraph to his neighbors but never to his lawful kindred and it wants me to hurt him so badly. However, I was never meant to be a black sheep. He left mom alone to support me in my studies and to spend cash for my daily provisions and it’s just difficult because all I can do was to watch her work night and day until she grew unwell. And him? He bought his illegitimate family the things they need- he gave them prolific supremacy on his life. While me and my mom kept on scratching the thick soil for gold but nothing we did find. It’s his fault. If only he did not leave mom. If only he was a responsible father. If only he felt sympathy towards my state. If only he loved me. But those were just if only’s. Majority of it is nothing but hallucinations. Nevertheless, I’ll set my feet on the ground and aim high. Remember dad, what you give is what you take.

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Now we’re blogging face-to-face,

This world’s become a Blogger’s place.

I was about to hop without a blast,

But you, Saved The Best For Last.

Thank you


Scotty's Princess

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Scotty's Princess said....

A daughter who could speak so plainly and truthfully against his father must be so hurt and devastated. I understand Vyne's plight. She was taken for granted by her own father- her own flesh and blood.

I admire you and Vynes Ate Vi for your heart and strength. You stood your ground and you assumed both the roles of a mother and father to your only daughter. Despite the blows and the hits that life gave you, you're still standing strong and is always there for your daughter.

I am all hats off to you! Great Saturday Saved feature... ;-)

Star-chuu said....

Thanks Lyn, you know how his father reacted this post of vyne. He wants to erase this post by texting her and sending her an email..He has no right to dictates vyne's feelings. Through blogging vyne expresses her freedom. Thanks for the comment and for being my true friend lyn. You're the best one and I have no regret to be my friend. God bless.

Windmill said....


Thank you for having made the Saturday Saved dateline is such a short notice.

This essay I understand is written by your 15 year old daughter. Please extend to her my praise and respect for her writing ability - taking into account her youthful age too.

Marvellous piece. Sincere and it has emotional depth and maturity that belie her age.

God Bless!

Star-chuu said....

I would like to thank you windy for you're brilliant idea, through this "Saturday Save-The Best for LAst" meme, I can publish and re-post some of my daughter's work. I will extend your positive comments to my daughter.

Have a great day ahead and God bless you Windy. Goodnight.

shydub said....

I remember I read this at lollii's blog but never left a ,essage, i didn't know then lollii was your daughter. She can write very well english start, every parent should be proud of her. She is smart and responsible. i do not what is wrong with her father, instead of be proud and guilty of what he did, he even asked your daughter to erased this post. Well, i hope he will stumble this post again para matauhan. Star you really did a great job raising your daughter on your own. Nice post.

Star-chuu said....

Shy I really love my daughter, she is my life. When i was in the stage of frustration and I leave her alone in her father side, it doesn't mean that I forget her. I need to be alone that time to think if there is still a chance to save my family. Is it hard to choose a life if we talk about family. Finally, I choose a life like this to be a mother and father of my daughter than to have a miserable life in the side of her father. I and lollii-pii struggled a lot before we experience the said PEACE in our life. Thanks for reading sis. Happy sunday!!

Bill said....

Wow windys meme is getting around. I did it also LOL.

""rare*jonRez"" said....

I must admit, this writeup of your daughter sis got me crying. What can I say? I am a tear-jerker! LOL But well, with this crying right now, you should blame your daughter! Hahaha....

Bitaw oi, grabeha gud ana ni Lolli! She writes so well at such an age! And though I only know you virtually, I can tell how you and your daughter go on with life hand in hand and with that, I have the utmost respect to you as the mom for bringing out the best in your daughter despite all those odds. Di matabas-tabas inyong kaagi sis, and you are so admirable in all those! I got a lot of questions, but I won't start throwing them to you coz I might just break your heart once more. But in all those, know that you got my respect and admiration!

Lollii-Pii said....

salamat mama you po^^

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