Monday, June 1, 2009

Opening Remarks.

My daughter lollii-pii who is an incoming fourth year student of GSC SPED was given a privilege to do the Opening Remarks during their recognition day held last March 31, 2009.

Since, one of her classmate refused to do the part, she recommended my daughter to their teacher adviser to do the part, and she accepted the opportunity.

Though she is not in the list of top ten students she gained a SMART AWARD with an average grade of 93%.

My daughter longed to be one of the top ten but she failed to do it. I advice her not to force herself since this might drive her to depression. I encouraged her to accept what life would offer her and enjoy it.

Being her mom, I felt excited that my daughter will come to the stage not to get those sumptuous awards but to present her presence to share her thoughts to the visitors, to her schoolmates, classmates, teachers, principal and guest speaker. It is also my honor because after her speech the guest speaker acknowledged my daughter and thanked her because they have the same passage and ideas.

I want to share with you how my daughter delivered her speech: This is not quality video, you can read her speech written below.

To our beloved principal, Mrs. Rizza-Robin Valdez, to our SPED Supervisor, Mrs. Emerenciana S. Robin, to our honorable guest speaker, Mr. Paul Imperial, to my fellow students, and to our supportive parents and teachers, a pleasant afternoon to all of you. I'm much privileged to have been asked to make some brief opening remarks at today's main event. I'd like to share with you two distinct thoughts today: one is about the genuine essence of education; the other is how edification aids in determining our future.

In the republic, plato, a notorious Greek author and philosopher, wrote the passage, "the direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future life." I take this to denote that education sets an individual on a path of future learning, opening new doors for them-literally and imaginatively.

Education is alleged to have many facets just like that of a sumptuous jewel. It may refer to any act or experience that has a seminal upshot on the mind, disposition or physical aptitude to an individual. Education is truly a significant aspect which contributes to our formal well-being as well as to our society's upliftment.

Education exists for us and us only...
I recall the previous days where I rant about how atrocious the subject matters are. however, as the wind of time came to awaken my sleeping self, I realized how important it is to gain knowledge as I took a step forward to my uncarved future.

Future. How do we define it? It is a world where flying shoes exist? Or a generation where we see ourselves served by technologically-advanced robots?

YEs, it may be... Yet, the definite meaning of the word future, in my own perception, is the product of what we had learned in our journey towards success and self-improvement. It is our benign and educated selves who will determine our future life.

Tomorrow will be our future and today would be our past. Don't wait for grace to come for waiting will do no good. Time is gold and if you are able to perform what is needed to be done today, why wait for the forthcoming days! Let us all inter on our very minds that our education is our contribution to our future life.

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""rare*jonRez"" said....

awwwww! that is awesome sis! great job to your daughter! she is excellent, and her remark is well done! did she made it herself?

i remember my high school life when i strove so hard to hit the top. i did, the first two years, but when i was in 3rd year, my father died, making me took almost 2 months of absence at school during the entire struggle from hospitalization till he passed away. that was when i got a grade of 84% in one of the subjects and it was the very first year as well where the DepEd changed its course of accepting honor students (in public schools) and that is, a student should not have a grade of less than 85% in the last 2 years of high school (3rd and 4th years), and though i achieved no less than 88% of grades during the entire 4th year, still, i was scarred by the 84% which i got in 3rd year. it was such a desperate fact, but i was just glad that our valedictorian (we were 900+ graduates) was my bf. nyahahaha! corny kaayo ba! and yep, i was the one who helped him with the valedictory address (90% of it) and his acknowledgment was worth it! hahaha! HS life nalang jud oi! past is past na ra ba jud, pero the memory lasts a lifetime jud ba? :-)

kudos to Lolli-pie! I'm sure there are a lot of beautiful horizons that await her in the future!

Star-chuu said....

Hi Sis, yes lollii is the one who made the remarks, her teacher didn't add anything in her speech. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your HS experienced..hahahah. Well, so sad for me sis because I never got 85% - 90% grades...happy na ko nga makakuha ug 75%pasang-awa...hahahha...
buti nalang di nagmana ang anak ko sa akin.

zorlone said....

Wow Star! Teka ka-link ko si lolli ah... hehehe. I'm so proud of you for having such a wonderful lady. Manang mana sa mommy!!!


Secondary Roads said....

Congrats to Lollii-pii! She is most fortunate to have a wise and loving mother.

Star-chuu said....

Doc ZZzzzzzzzzzz!! hehehe....gusto kong ma mana sa anak ko...

Star-chuu said....

@Secondary Roads
Thank you so much Chuck, yes, she is fortunate and I am lucky too, to have a very sweet, loving and intelligent daughter. She is my inspiration!!

rosilie said....

wow! lolli did a very nice job, sigurado ang mother,teary eyed.hahhahahha. miss the two of

Scotty's Princess said....

You have one sweet, intelligent and eloquent daughter, Ate Vi! You must be the proudest mother in the world for having Vynes in your life.

Vynes sure has a bright future ahead of her!

Kevin said....

Congratulations to your daughter. You must be doing a great job as a Mom! :)

UPrinting said....

Wow, your kid is very smart. :)
I think I have never delivered a speech in my life. I was the top student back in Nursery, but I don't remember going up on the stage and talking. Boo at us under-achievers! Haha, just kidding!

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