Monday, May 4, 2009

Award from David Funks and Lollii-pii.

Another Award from David Funks of Basic Bloganomics and Lollii-pii of La-la Landia, the 2009 Friendship and Best Blogger Award.

David Funks of Basic Bloganomics. I described him as a very kind person, he always includes me in every award he receives from his friends. Aside from his kindness, I appreciate him for his presence through leaving friendly message in my shoutbox. He always reminds me that communication is important to have a good relationship with bloggers.
Lollii-pii of La-la Landia, is my daughter. She possesses a good skill in writing and aside from that, she is also my mentor (shhhhh) in terms of writing. She is my dear daughter who became my inspiration in my dreams. Anak, I am proud to have you, don't forget that God has a very special plan for us. TRUST HIM and don't forget to PRAY. I love you so much!! mwaaaahh.

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4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
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I want to pass on the above Award to my following friends:
Uncle Che of AZ Blogging
Baby Noela of My Blog Says
Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space
Shydub of Simple Happy Life
ChinKyMel's - ChinkyMel's Corner
maxiVelasco -

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David Funk said....

Star, I'm sorry that I missed you posting. Wow, I very much appreciate the compliments.

Best wishes my friend!

Jesus Our Saviour said....

I loved your blog.I would like to exchange your link with my blog.Just leave a comment when you have added me.My blog address is I am adding your link to my blog.Bye take care

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