Thursday, May 21, 2009


MAY is an unfavorable month for me. Unfortunately, I encountered some unexpected things from the first week of the month onwards.

First, I have a bad net connection for one (1) week and I wasn't be able to open my pc;

Second, I suffered a hard cough which made me sicked for almost a month;

Third, although I am suffering from sickness, I still joined the trip with the whole family to my mother's hometown;

Fourth, my night class made me tired and stress;

And lastly, I am now suffering stiff neck...huhuhuhu...I really miss blogging, reading and commenting.

Anyways, I want to extend my thanks to my regular droppers for their kindness and for their unselfish time for clicking my widget for a LOVE EC DROPPING. I want to acknowledge the effort of those who left some comments and messages in my shout box: Please visit the following bloggers shown below:

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zorlone said....

hello star,
I'm sorry that you got sick. I hope I can physically be there to give you a prescription. But that would cost you my plane ticket. LOL.

Thank you for the linky-love.

I hope you are drinking lots of water too. Dehydration may prolong your condition, you know. hehehe

Take care!


""rare*jonRez"" said....

oi... starring si ako? hehe...

u got sick pala sis? 'wawa naman. sounds like your May is not that fun at all. but it's good to have you back na! i know what you meant when u said u missed blogging a lot! lol addict, eh? apir! lol

mine is a busy month naman. walang masyadong update, daming ailang magawa offline eh. but today, i'm tired coz i was sleepless last night. gihubak intawon akong byuti. hahayyy! anyway, glad to have u back sis! regards! ako diay i-claim akong award diri, so wala nay bawian! hahaha!

Mariuca said....

Welcome back Star, I hope June brings better news. Hugs! :)

Scotty's Princess said....

Thanks for the recognition, Ate V. I am glad 2 of my blogs made it to your list. More drops coming your way!

Star-chuu said....

Hi Doc Z, thanks for the concern. I already emptied one container of water...lolz. Hmmm... any prescription from you is much appreciated doc z, basta free lang..

Star-chuu said....

Sis recel, hahaha..walay bawiay ug award oi...gikan na sa puso.
It's so hard to suffer from any illness, i think i gonna die every time I am sick..huhuhu..
But glad, I am now recovering my health, gradually.

Star-chuu said....

Thank you Mariuca, I hope and pray that June is a favorable month for me.

Star-chuu said....

@Scotty's Princess
Thanks too, for your love dropped. Though, i wasn't able to dropped you back for a past weeks, you didn't miss to click my badge. How I wish to complete my 300 drops.

David Funk said....

This is so very nice of you to do, Star. Thanks for adding my ad, and I will be here to drop as often as possible.:)

Jena Isle said....

Hi Star,

Thanks for the Linky Love. It is appreciated...and I have two of my blogs

Get well soon and do as the doctor says...

momgen said....

Thanks a lot for the linky love. TC

Mara said....

Thanks for the link. I know what you mean, May hasn't been my best month either. A lot of crappy things has happened. Hopefully next month would be a lot better for us. :)

ROSILIE said....

hello ate vilma!

Cute ng layout mo ah! hehehhehehe pwede na pang paid reviews. ingat!

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