Friday, May 1, 2009


I and my friend Aem availed an scholarship in JIB (Joji Ilagan Bian) School Academy. The school offers different short courses like HRM, Tourism, and many more. But basically we enrolled in Call Center. They offered three (3) schedules; one in the morning, afternoon and evening session. We choosed the evening session since we are working every day time.

Grabbing this opportunity is a big help for me. This is a good chance to practice my small tongue since my tongue twisted every time I talked, a reason why sometimes i keep quite in a corner of the room..sigh. Aside for that, I am not good constructing a perfect sentence, if my boss correcting my work he begged me to enroll again in my English I (..hehehe..), thanks he is not a perfectionist person, if that happened then I am already FIRED in my first day of my work. Lastly, my memory (hu! hu! hu!) this is the worsen part that I think there is no cure anymore; I accept the fact that I lost my memory now, since every time I memorized something, then I hardly recall it. A reason why my friends doesn't want to tell their secret to me, because I always forget my promised and shared it to other(hehehe).

In our classroom we are not allowed to talk our own dialect, we have an English Talk Policy. If the instructor caught you talking a vernacular, then he will call your name and punish you by standing in the front of your classmates and sing. So, I have no choice, I need to talk to my classmates and friends using the English Language.

Well, I am hoping that after this training, those entire things I mentioned above will help me to develop and gain self-confidence especially my English proficiency.

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shydub said....

Cool, thats a good opportunity, if im there i would surely enroll myself too hehehe. You are not alone star, as I get older my memory are getting slower. Eversince I hate memorization,thats why back in college i took P.E as my major ky puro ra igat igat hehehehe. Goodluck sis, share what you learn nya ha.wink!

zorlone said....

That was funny what you said about your tongue. hehehe.

Star, you can do it! you just need to talk to a "foreigner" more often!


April said....

Good Luck I hope it helps you. It sounds like a good opportunity.

Bill said....

It is always good to learn other languages. I have to brush up on my spanish because where i work there is a lot of Mexicans. I hope you enjoy your class my friend. I sent a request to add you on myspace also. Have a great weekend.

Star-chuu said....

Thanks sis, I hope that after this training, I can gain more from what I expect.

Doc Z, that's true, my tongue is one of my problem. Hanap ako ng ka chat mate doc z sana may mag volunteer..hehehe.

Thanks April,I grabbed this opportunity to gain and to learn more.

Yes Bill, I enjoyed this class. Sure I will, I need to check myspace since, I wasn't able to update it. I will message you if done.HAve a great weekend Bill.

Bill said....

i just say the picture of the party at DJ tammy site. You are a very beautiful women there Star. You look great in that outfit. i hope you had a great time together with tammy, rose, twinks and lainy.

twinks said....

Hi Te :)
This is one great opportunity Te. It is enriching and for your betterment. I remember when I was in high school we were not allowed to talk in Bisaya when inside the campus, only English - ang moBinisaya bayad piso per word! - hahaha.. hilom gud classroom oi. Goodluck Te! ^_^

Oi congrats for winning the 6th prize! mwahugs!!!
Btw, hope you'll like your new layout..hehehe... ingat Te!

Bill said....

I see you changed you blog layout it looks very nice. Also you have a badge now. I put it on my friends page. Have a great week.

UPrinting said....

I've given up on call center jobs. I always get rejected because of my poor English. :(
And yeah, they're pretty strict when it comes to language. They want flawless English grammar and spelling, which are things I can't offer. T_T

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