Monday, March 9, 2009

TAGS from Uncle Che and Scottzprincess

I want to thank Uncle Che for the birthday tagged he passed me during his special day last February 29, 2009...opps... shhhh...its a leap year, I guessed Uncle Che is only four (4) years old...hehehe.

Since, my birthday is in the middle of the year, I humbly pray that God hears my every wishes and that He will grant the following:


1. Salvation of my love ones.

2. Successful life for my daughter , bright future, good health, finish her choosen course, harmonious relationship with her friends and family.

3. My mom's health, that God adds more days to her very existence and to witness the joyful life she aspired for her children and grand children.

4. More blessings to our business in Digos and start our new business the middle of the year here in Gensan.

5. Hoping and praying that John Rey Echavez-our adopted son, may acquire a good future.

6. Good health for JT and the recovery of his financial state.

7. Job and be financially stabled in the future.

8. Start my Annulment and immediate decisions regarding this matter.

9. Build a simple and cute house, which we can call the HOME for love, peace and joy.

10. Love life...hahahhahah..."waiting for someone to fulfill the so called LOVE of my LIFE..."

Another tagged from Our Journey to Forever (Scottzprincess)

The Rules:

Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each question. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Vilma a.k.a. Vie

2. A four letter word: Vicar 3. A boy's name : Victor

4. A girl's name : Victory

5. An occupation : Veterinarian

6. A color : Violet

7. Something you wear : V-shape shirt

8. A type of food : Vegetables

9. Something found in the bathroom : Vase

10. A place : Virgin Islands (hehehe)

11. A reason for being late : Very Tired (because of ec dropping)

12. Something you shout : Vyne!!! come here!!!

13. A movie title : Vengeance

14. Something you drink : Vanilla Coke

15. A musical group : Veronica’s

16. A street name : Vega Star St.

17. A type of car : Volvo

18. A song title: Vogue

19. A verb : Vacationing

Thank you very much, Uncle Che and Lainy of Scottzprincess for this Tag, I never did celebrate my Birthday but I do pray and thank God for a wonderful life He extended and how I enjoyed it with His graces. Moi answered it with the same SMILE as MEME! I would like to share this tag and Meme award to people who never failed to share and leave their smiles at my blog every moment they pass by!

Extending this tag is not just an obligation but my pleasure. I have randomly picked up 10 friends and visitors. Please extend this tag also and link to the person who tagged you. Thanks.

1. Vyne -Little marionette
2. Mariuca - Wishing on a Falling Star
3. DJ tammy - Anything Under The Sun
4. Rosilie - My Blog
5. Twinks - Twinkletoe Writing Space
6. Merydith - Whatever Comes To My Mind
7. Miquette - Strawberry Anarchy
8. Liza - Moms...check nyo

9. Cacai - Cacais and stEp and JoUrNey
10. Shydub - Simple Happy Life

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shydub said....

Thanks for the thought star, Im gonna post it tomorrow. Wanna exlink? Im gonna add your links to my blogroll.

BTW, Saan ka sa gensan? I have an uncle and brother in sultan kudarat

Mariuca said....

Hi Star, thanks so much for the tag. I've actually done this one earlier sweetie, feel free to check out my response yeah? :):):)

Cacai_Nad said....

Hi Star, I just post this tag of yours in my recent post lately. Please check it out on my recent posts as well as your awards and tags of mine. Muahhugs. see yah there..

liza said....

Hey Star! Thanks for thinking of me on this one. I'll try to have it up soon. :D

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