Sunday, March 22, 2009

--- WHAT IF? ---

Health is the most important thing that we need to take good care of. This is the most expensive thing which demands much attention from our wholly selves. Health is wealth-that's what the majority says.

What if in our entire life we've been healthy, and then all of a sudden our eyes gently close, our body fall down and we totally collapse?

In that very moment you would eagerly wonder where you are. You would only hear people chattering who seemed to be pretty occupied in doing something in the parts of your body- in the isolated room where medical apparatuses are seemed to be present.

What if you’re fighting for life when death is hunting you? What will happen if you're in the the path of nowhere and you're eager to grub up the light far-off beyond the mysterious side ? What if, you can’t see the light and you'll remain in the solemn darkness- walking and asking yourself, where am I now?

This is the subject which appeared in my mind when I heard the awful information from my friends mom. I was utterly shocked when I read the message that on March 2, 2009 my friend is fighting to gain her life. She was now confined in one of the Hospitals in Davao City and is still waiting for her very expensive operation.

Before that day happened, she called me through the telephone inviting me to join the seminar sponsored by their company. On March 4, 2009, I confirmed my presence in that said seminar by sending my message in her cellular phone, of which that time I am also waiting for her call and reply.

I thought the seminar was postponed as I never heard anything from her, only that to my surprise, I received a message from her mom four days ago which made me feel quite poignant and dejected. I kept wept and cried for her- nights and nights along.

Yet, I did a pause and started my PRAYER for my friend. My PRAYER- our prayer to our love ones, is the most important thing that we can offer to them. I hope and pray that she will now recover from her dreadful illness and that I'll be able to talk to her and even visit her one of these days.

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shydub said....

A lot of what ifs which is hard to find an answers, In that case we should be ready for anything to happen. Hope your friend is okay.

Star-chuu said....

Your right shy, if ever that will happen to me, I know God will open the door to welcome me, and feels the love and affection He wants me to enjoy eternity..I hope my friend is ready to face the real world and pray that she is ok now, i have no update about her situation. said....

We may not know many of the happenings around us but God knows. I will continue to pray until the outcome. "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." - Philippians 1:21.

Andrea Singer said....

So sorry! :( What is the latest? I hope she is doing better now.

UPrinting said....

So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she's doing fine now. My prayers are with her. :(

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