Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UNCLE CHE, Happy Birthday!

Once in our life there is someone to come that we never expect, we never expect that his presence has a purpose, why we meet this certain individual?

This is one reason that we need to be acquainted and to acknowledge. Recognizing a certain person that became part in our life, though, it takes only a few moments, it’s already a big piece that we never forget in our entire life.

How can I say THANK YOU? How can I share those things in return to this person whom I like to contribute in return? That, once in my life, I am acquainted with. They say, “A Friend will come in your life, because God knows that you need a Friend today to lean on.”

Hmmmm.. “He is talk of the town”, why because my friend Ellaine, I mean LAINY of Lainy's Musing, shared with me about this person, I guessed when she started blogging, she never stopped talking about this certain individual, she totally appreciated him, a reason why I got interested to know this someone, until the day comes, last year before the end of December, I suffered from unexpected trouble from the decision that I made, Lainy introduced this person with me through online, the purpose is to asked some advices from him since, I am totally bothered with the feelings that I had, Yes, I really need someone to help me that moment, I can’t even controlled myself crying since, I am guilty, I don’t really know if my decision is right or wrong, and…

We started talking and I really feel comfortable while were chatting, this person that I am talking is everybody’s friend, I know bloggers, know him too and he is one of the friendly type of person and one of the famous in this kind of world. All people of this blogsphere called him UNCLE CHE a Certified Professional Blogger with the following sites:

I really feel the kindheartedness of UNCLE CHE when the first time that we talked and chatted; I admired him of his being keened. He touches my heart and helps me to space out the guilty feelings that I felt that time; He has a great wisdom, a wisdom that helps me a lot to recover myself from culpable era. He helps me to clear the issue, He let me understand the different reason towards that person, involved, and finally I was healed and the guilty feelings gone away.

Since, I occupied his presence that moment, I asked his helping hands to help me regarding my domain that I bought three months ago and I couldn’t use it since a lot of instruction to read, for a second time. I have a lack of time and I have no idea about this stuff, I asked UNCLE CHE to get it through, WOW!! Amazing!!! Yes, because UNCLE CHE messages me with a great smile saying “VILMA you can use now your domain, from to” that’s the new life of, He is my first followers of my blog, although I am poor in writing,…He still appreciated me.

Uncle Che, this is my time to thank you for your good heart and kindness. With this especial day February 29, 2009 (hmmm…sorry I need to add 29 in my Calendar,lol), I know this is a very especial day because this day is your BIRTHDAY, without this date, your not exist, I would rather say, thanks for your mom and dad because they form you and make you a great person. And to our Father above, because you as a person, He made you especial, a heart that full of love, within you and your family and loveones (your baby Louella) and the UNIQUENESS within you is the greatest gift from ABOVE. You’re the Blessing to everyone. Thank you so much because I became part of them as one your friend.

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Uncle Che said....

Hi Vilma.

I think Life is a long and beautiful chain reaction and always open and positive to all those who believe there is a divine purpose for existence. With such thoughts, we always seek the right things though our human nature pushes us to more many wrong things along the way.

Meeting Lainy was a miracle. Actually I can't say it, and I can explain how possible it was that within a very short time, she trusted me and "thought" I was a brother :).

Now, through her, I have known many more soft, beautiful, kind hearted, caring, sincere and hardworking Filipinos, and you Vilma are one of them.

Thank you very much for this very special way of wishing me happy birthday and announcing to the world that I am your friend.

I used to "accuse" God of showing me too much love. First of all, born into a happy home, was clever at school an had a good education, have many friends who care, then the Angelic Noela and now my online friends (more than brothers and sisters) who I so much love and pray that he should grant me the financial strength to visit them some time next year (after Noela accepts my ring, he he he).

I thank you for your extended hand of friendship. I can't call you a friend anymore. We were friends when we first met. Now, you are a sister. You are Ate Vilma.

Uncle Che

Star-chuu said....

@Hi Uncle Che..once again..Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for calling me ate vilma...calling me ate means I am your older sister...I am glad to meet you in the near future, and your welcome and accommodated if you plan to visit Philippines. God bless Uncle che and more power.

Home said....

Thanks for being in my top EC droppers in February 09. God bless you!

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