Friday, December 5, 2008

What a Joke!!

I started my work as busy as like a hungry dog. I do all things to finish, as I need to remind again my boss about the renewal of his Notarial Petition. He was busy preparing the documents and he was in hurry to complete all requirements of its Annexes for his petition . I also need to finish the notarial books to submit in the Office of Clerk of Court. The same, busy typing some documents and helping my co-workers to segregate the Voter's Registration Forms filed by the voter's registrants, and sometimes I help my co-workers to encode data for biometrics.

Well, my boss asking for a glue to paste his picture in a long bond paper. I told him to wait since, I need to look the drawer if there still some glue left, but I cant no longer find any bottle of it. My boss ask some of my co-workers outside, but, Madam Jehan advice him to used some cook rice to paste in his pictures. I heard it, but I though it's only a joke, so, I tried to stand up again from my chair and check again some drawers, at the same time, I entertained our clients, until I forgot about the glue.

When I come back in his table, he keeps murmuring, and said, “See…..I need to use the cook rice to paste my picture, it’s too dirty, look!!...” I tried to hide my smile and control my laugh, so, I seriously face and talk my boss to wait for me a little bit, I choose to go outside and find some glue to other office, but all offices already closed. When I come back, hehehehe..... I keep smiling when I saw him, pasted his pictures in the clear bond paper, and what I did is, I extend my hand to help him, and sometimes, I do smiling from his back….good he didn't seen my reaction, or else…he will keep me out..hehehehe….until now every time that I remember it, I keep smiling and imagining his faced when he talks to me about the cook rice.

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