Thursday, December 4, 2008


Do you know the power of SMILE??
Have you tried to SMILE to your enemy?
Is the SMILE makes you famous?

Yes, SMILE is the friendliest way of greetings to everyone you know and you don't know. SMILE will create a new friendship and can make your day bright.

If you want to have a bright day, you must awake with smile in your lips, smile while praying, and then smile to everyone at home. This is one secret that I usually do, I don’t want to get old that’s why I do SMILE always. SMILE helps me to become famous to those who don’t know me, why? Because every time I have papers to follow-up outside the office, I went to every department and give my sweet smile, in response, they smile at me too, till they ask my name and every time I met them in the aisle they smile and say hello. Some strangers asked my name because of my SMILE, some wants to be my friend since my smile attracted them.

Hmmm…beside my man was capture by my sweet smile in my picture as he commented that there’s something very especial in my Smile.

And for those who really hate me, I can still offer my SMILE with them…because I know they HATE it…hehehehhe….well, if my boss got angry, I just only give my SMILE.

The power of SMILE will makes us famous. You sometimes create a good relationship to your co-workers and to those who don’t like you. You can’t count your friends everyday because of your SMILE. And if you’re worried about your age, SMILE will help you to become young, SMILE is a powerful to become somebody.

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