Friday, December 12, 2008

I have notice

When I accepted to manage the business offered to me by bev's father, I don't think that I can experienced a very hard time coping everything. All my time was occupied by this useless stuff, I never gain from the business because when I handled it, its already in the lost situation, beside, I noticed that I cant already save some of my money from the allowance that I received from my boss. Another thing is, I gained unhealthy body, lack of time for my daughter. So, I decided to give back the said business to bev's father, since, sometime we made a hard discussion about the business and a cause for us to fight through texting.

A reason maybe why he offered that business, because he wanted to escaped his obligation financially for bev, hence, he is suffering a financial support for bev because he has a lot of obligation to his 6 children in different woman and presently living to a widow woman with two children and now they have one year old daughter and the she is pregnant again.

Well, I discussed the annulment processed with him the last time we talked personally, but he was shock for the amount to pay when I told it, so he said, I will be the one to spend for this annulment, one of his reason why he is not interested to spend some amount for this stuff, because he said he is free to act and do what he wants.

In my situation, it is hard for me to do what I want, I am living in a Christian ways, I am not perfect but, I need to do something that God will be pleased in handling my life. I need to be ready for what life that brings unto me, a life that someday I am free to love someone, someone that God prepared for me.

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