Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Day of Registration.

December 2, 2008 is the first day of voter's registration. The whole staffs of the Comelec, General Santos City are busy for different task assigned. We have one (1) week preparation for the said registration at the same time; we were waiting for the new system to be used on the said registration.

Every Filipino under eighteen (18) years old above are able to register in any office of the Commission on Elections with the following instructions, to wit:

What to do?

1. First you need to comply the requirements duly imposed by the office:

For the New Registrants:


    • Photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth (NSO copy)
    • Photocopy of any valid ID (SSS ID, Postal ID, Philhealth ID, Company ID, Student ID)
    • Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
    • Photocopy of Passport


    • Photocopy of Marriage Contract (NSO copy)
    • any valid ID (SSS ID, Postal ID, Philhealth ID, Company ID, Student ID)

For Transferee's: within the city/ from any municipality

    • surrender the COMELEC ID
    • Present the Voter’s Certification duly issued by the office of the COMELEC (origin of place)
    • Valid ID

Absentee Voting (OFW’s)

    • Present the Comelec ID from where he/she country registered.
    • Present any Valid ID
    • Passport

Note: If you meet the above mention requirement , submit the above document for QUERY, just to check if you have already registered before or not to avoid double registration. After Query the documents returned to you attached the said Application Form for fill-up.

  1. Proceed to INTERVIEWER, to check the contents written by the applicants if all details are correct.
  2. Next, one staff will write the Form Registration Number bearing the Province and Municipality Code (eg. 63030000 001) and the Precinct Number depends what Barangay you belong.
  3. Finally, you are advice to go for Data Capturing Machine (DCM).
Be informed that using the Capturing Machine is one of the fastest ways to encode the data of our registrants, the same, to restore the complete information to our new system provided by the Information Technology Department, Comelec, Manila.

Please be guided:

Step 1 – Give the Application Form to the ENCODER, and after the encoder write the details.

Step 2 – The ENCODER will advice you to gaze in the CAMERA for capturing.

Step 3 – The same advice you to sign and finger scan : first the left Index finger - right index finger-Right Thumb finger-Right Thumb Mark, twice; then if all entries are correct the ENCODER check for final entries and he/she will give the 1/8 paper for the applicant copy.

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