Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wrong Accusation.

After doing my office work, me and Ellaine went to the budget office to follow-up the travelling expense of our EO, then, asked some information about the current budget that we submitted before the SB hearing hold. Unfortunately, our Budget proposal for SB was disapproved, we dont know what are the reasons, and when Ellaine talked about it in the office, and the security guard of our EO, reacted and talked to her not to bring me in any transactions in the other building, because according to him, I am the reason why all the budget was disapproved.

I felt bad about it and i confronted him, what his reason why the budget proposal was disapproved. Is there's something wrong with me? how he can sure that I am the reason why the budget proposal was disapproved? And he answered directly that my reputation in the CMO office is already bad because of my friend who accused me things that I never done, and until now, I wasn't able to talked to the concern person about it because I am not interested, it is not my lost anyway. Hmmm..I am wondering why she needs to do that, because I am not a famous woman, beside, the head of that office don't know me. It seems that I am only an ordinary employee they have no reasons to feel angry, as long as my boss trusted me.

Well, is just because this man hated me so much, as he he as an envy feelings , I heard from one of my officemate that he made some complaint about me, I am lucky because my boss gave me allowance everyday aside of my salary that I recieved, I still have a secretary..huh...grrrrr....hmm ...he is deserving to feel that because of his insecurities...good for him..jaja.

Fortunately, I am one of the luckiest person..yes... because all of these things that i receive is God's blessings. God knows everything, and I already pray them..especially those people who hates me...God will give them peace..they need it.

Anyway, I dont know how to hate my anemies, I do love and pray for them...for you and other vampires of our office...Goodluck and God bless you...May you have peace in your heart and life.

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