Friday, November 21, 2008

wHAT a TiRed daY!!

I wake up early in the morning to prepare myself to report in the office, I need to be hurry as I have listed all things that I need to accomplish today. But, when I arrived in the office, I still need to attend the Flag Ceremony as one of our requirements every Monday morning. After attended the ceremony, I walked fast as I need to go to the SOCOTECO office, in this city, to pay some bills consumed by our business in Barangay Fatima. When I arrived in the said office, I need to line-up to the cashier and in my turn the cashier advice me to pay the bill in other place.

Luckily, my cousin is in the office, so I asked her to go in the office of SOCOTECO at Barangay Calumpang to pay the bill. My cousin is one of my close and favorite one that I have, as she don’t know that I appreciate her being. She is as a fighter woman, strong as well and talkative...hehehhe....and pretty.

Well, I though the SOCOTECO will plan to disconnect our electricity but fortunately, I called one of my source friend to give me a ten days allowance before I pay the balance of my, I still glad because every time I experience this kind of problem, there’s always an angel beside me...I want to thanks God because he did things reliable to accomplish one thing for my day.

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