Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moody Time.

Yes, I got started my bad mood when I entered in my work place and when I seen those I called vampires...take note VAMPIRES in the office...javel.. I bang the door while entering inside the office, as some of my co-workers noticed my frowned face. I don't really mind them, I've done some office work quietly, until I forgot what I felt and recovered myself from my bad I started to give a nice smile to our clients the same to my co-workers and friends.

And when my bosing reported in the office, I've talked about the confrontation between me and his security, yesterday. But, he advice me, not to take it seriously, he is not a right person for fighting. It's nonsense thing, he said "as long as you never done wrong, theres no reason to feel anything bad about it"..yes..I agree, but "I am only human, sometimes we were affected of what we had heard, a cause for degrading our personality. So, what I did is, I talked to this man without anything happened, just to make it normal.

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