Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!Happy Birthday, happy birthday!!! ...a usual word for greetings to our close friends, family, love ones, and those who are especial to us, on the day of their birthday. Birthday is one occasions that we celebrate every year. Every time we attend a birthday party we honor to give a gift and wishes them a long life. This occasion is particular to the children as their parents prepare a birthday party, as one way for thanksgiving.

My birthday celebration is typical, I only pray and thanks God for the special life He offer, I pray for my especial wishes, pray for my health and for my family.

My daughter's birthday??? yes, it seems that she is already teenager, she only requested a so called "kunting salo-salo" for the family.

I want to dedicate this late birthday greetings to my daughter, a very sweet, kind and loving one, now, she is facing her new world, after the struggled against the life she encountered before, she is quite different now, she grown up with my love and care, she is lucky because I, as her mother dedicated her time and make all things possible for her. I teach her to know herself more and I did learn also from her. Sharing more time to my daughter is a worth keeping for both of us. She is the reason why I am become strong and fighting obstacle in order to win for us. We maintain the peace and harmony in our home.

I would like to share some photos as one of my recognition to the bonding we build being a mother and father to her, a friend, and at the same time a stranger, her adviser in times of her failures and the play mate every time she play, a companion in times of prayer:

Yes...she is my sweet and loving daughter like her mom....if you want to know her just click My Kawaii Life

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