Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back Again...

It’s a long time that I visit my blog…I decided to end this kind of stuff since I feel that I am one of those who are trying hard to write some articles in this site…I am not good in English something that I feel disgusting about it..I am too old to learn how to use the correct usage of grammar which sometimes my boss corrected my work…hmmmmm….I’m still lucky because my boss is not too strict instead he corrected my grammar..he always advice me to enroll again in my English 1 …(hehehehe) a nice way. But I replied him that my brain is already drained …an old woman like me has no chance to refresh any topic to listen from the professor, I think my professor will get irritated if I am his/her student…heheheh…

Well, it seems that my friend Elaine ( encouraged me to continue my blogging and advice me that writing any topics in my own blog sites might help me to enhance my English problem, through this my boss will be happy if he observe that I improved a little bit.

So, now I decided to cope my time and help myself to progress in this kind of stuff…I wish to myself that I can do it well, and change my life by blogging…hmmm….I hope that my visitors will enjoy to read some of my articles that I soon to write in my page…any comments and suggestions are welcome….now I decided to start one step of my dream in this kind of world…God bless you all…

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