Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the gift of life, and for the blessing to be among those who know that you are the son of God.

Thank you for the gift of sight that let me see the wondrous things You made, and for my soul to help me see beyond my sight.

Thank you for all the things and especially my heart which You placed magnetic seeds of seeds of grace that draw me forever to Your LOVE.

I know You hold me forever in the palm of Your hand and shield me with Your Holy Place. Yet as years pass by, Lord, I fear the yoke of sickness and pain and worry how my life will end.

And so I humbly come to ask You, Lord, that when my time comes to leave here below, do not call me by sudden death, not by accident that tears the body apart, not by illness that leaves the mind confused or the senses impaired; not at the mercy of evil forces, not with a heart filled with hate or a body racked with pain; not abandoned; lonely, without love or care, not by my own hand in a moment of despair.

Jesus, let death come as a gentle friend to sit and linger with me until You call my name.

Then let me enter Your Heavenly Home to receive Your final gift of grace to be near You forever and look upon the divine countenance on your Holy Face.


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TrUe FriEndS..

True friends is someone very especial that we treasured, they were part in our life. One who help us to mold our personality as individual.

A true friends is someone especial created by God to help us through physical and emotional healing. If we suffered from problems, we run to our trusted friends, we shared our emptiness and frustrations with them. If we have secrets, our true friends is the one who kept it.

In my early teens, I shared a lot of happy moments with my friends, when i felt down, they offered their hands to help me, when I felt sad, they made me laughed, when I need their time, they are free for me. Through my friends, I learn how to value the relationship being a true family in a circle of friendship.

Many years pass by, my friends never forget to sent messages, sometimes, they called me through my mobile phone. And it seems that they are far away from me, I would like to say thank you to my following friends:

Lydia Paloma (Balot) - I appreciate you because you never forget me until now, despite of your good life in Malaysia with your family, you still have a good heart. Every time you visited your home town, you won't forget to say hello and I appreciated you everytime you called me without any cost. The only thing that change to you is the status of your life and that life is worthy,because that's the value of your struggle in other country and your still a good and kind person.

Lilia Paloma (Yad) - Thank you my friend, we shared a lot of happiness and loneliness before, although we have already our own family, we still shared a good hands and we both listen to each other. Your the one I treasured, a friend that I wont forget. You never change, your still the same person that I know before. Thank you so much because you let me, to be your friend.

Janet Catral - hmmmmmm....our hardheaded friend, cute and pretty...we have the same dillema in life, especially in man...yet, we both fighting to recover the pains and sorrows we experienced. My friend don't worry we can still find a right man for us...Noooo... I mean we are a good woman and let those man find us...ok...

Yes, they are my true friends that I treasured. A friends that I never forget whenever I am, I do remember them and reminiscing the days we shared. They are my especial friends to be treasured, I cannot longer meet friends like them.

sweet temptation

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My day, today, is sort of a little busy. I started my morning sunshine by making some "lambing-lambing" to my little baby boy and headed my way to the office to prepare the necessary documents to submit to the court but when I sat down in my computer, I wasn't able to do what is ask of me due to my mounting numbers of clients. I'm glad because my boss stayed in the office for the whole day which helped me to do my unfinished work. Before our work time ended, we, me and Ellaine visited, Kuya Abel whom reminds us that there will be a meeting this coming Saturday, October 18, at exactly 9:00 in the morning in regards to Mindanao's 2nd Blog Summit. He introduced us to our fellow blogger who uses wordpress and showed us the freebies!! I felt more excited as the date of the summit approaches. After that, me and Ellaine went back to the office.

When I went back home, I was surprised to see my daughter crying and sobbing in one corner of our room because she only got upset. I showed her my love and encourage her that she has her own time to shine. And that is how my day ended up.

sweet temptation

Sunday, October 12, 2008

After SiX yEars.

Back in the year 2002, year of anxiety and difficulty, pain and sorrow. Suffering from unexpected event of my life, is one of the struggle drama of the same. It’s too hard to accept that you failed the dream that you want to achieve. It’s too hard to decide whether you leave your family, because of unexpected reasons. It’s too hard to fight if you don’t know how to defend yourself. And the worst thing is, it’s too hard to tell the truth if they don’t believe.

Who helped me?

God is the one who protected me from my troubles; He answered all my prayers and helped me to decide for my life. Leaving my family especially my daughter is a very hard decision that I carried. I left without bringing anything, the house, business and my beloved daughter. I left for reasons. I went to my uncle's place and there I took some rest, to recover and decide, I prayed everyday, read the bible and participate in church activities. After eight months of recovering, I brought all the answers and there I understand that God has something very special for me.

What happened when I came back?

My hubby was surprised when I back home, and I am not amazed when I saw his woman carrying their new baby, I gave them a good smile. I told them not to fret, because I will not make any action towards them; instead I talked them in a nice way, and give my friendly hands wishing them to have a happy family. The important thing for me is to get my eight year-old daughter with his permission, and I successfully took my daughter without any hesitation. We started to live at my mom’s small house. Good thing because I was hired and employed in the office of the Election Officer as a secretary though I am undergraduate.

It's took time to adjust ourselves to a new life, but me and my daughter started to accept and enjoy the life that were facing. We already appreciate the things around us; We become more close to each other, share some dreams and we talked regularly as one of our way to appreciate the new path of our living. Peace, Love and Happiness is what we gained, our life today teach us to be more spiritual strong.

The present..

Counting the years, life became more valuable, I have a lot of accomplishment of which my present life helps me to become mature and learn new things around my new world. I met different kind of personality, a way to understand the value of every aspect of life. I am a dumb before, comparing today; I’ve been more vigorous in my work, more receptive to my daughter; closer to the Highest above though I am not participate the activities in the church. I am the woman that full of struggles in life, became more aware in my surroundings and sensitive about the goals that I’ve started.

So far, I can look back from where I am before, and I noticed that in the middle of the bridge of where I am now, is the things that I never think to regret. Whatever harmful things that I encountered, I considered it a spices of life, without this, I cannot see myself. I now understand that all different aspect of life molds you to become a real person. A real person that could help the human being to persist through the goal of life that he/she wants and make him/her satisfied to the objectives of their life.

This is how I become responsive of my surroundings, became more flexible, effective and efficient in my work, a loving and caring, sweet and honest to my love one, a helper to the needy, more patient to the hardheaded, and a nature lover. I am not a religious woman, but I believe God, the father and Jesus Christ the savior. Indeed, without God in my heart, I cannot appreciate the love He offered, I cannot experience the happiness He give, I cannot feel the contentment of life that I have. God is my life, my daughter is my happiness, my work is my achievement, my friends is the color of my day, my enemies tease my patience, my family complete my whole being and my dear man is my struggle….huhuhu….

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My CuTe BuTTerFly AwArd!!

Thanks to My KaWaii LIFE for this cute award..

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2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
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I'll be passing this to my dearest friends...soon^^

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Monday, October 6, 2008


The ethics of value depends to all human being how they make a decisions. Every time we made decision our values can acknowledged in every priority that induce our choices and behaviors.

According to psychologist Brian Hall “The ideals that give significance to our lives that reflected through the priorities that we choose and that we act on consistently and repeatedly.”

These ideals intervene to our private world images, hopes and dreams; in one end to outer world what we experienced and observed everyday in our behavior, on the other. Our values determined our priorities in the decisions we make and the actions that we choose.

If we have priorities, then act for it, our behavior will help us to go through our dreams, considering all facts, that we need to accept the criticism of other people behind us, to remind us who we are and what we are, it was a matter of changing. If we close your ears, then all choices we made in your daily life will bring you for nothing.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

My PerSonal ReSoluTion.

I am chary of the truth that my existence is fulfilled more momentous by the significance of love. I shall not be a believer of violence, harshness and ravenousness. I shall make my effort to avoid resource that tends to hurt others or root them excessive difficulty. I am endowed with gift that allows me to continually work for a better life. My faith is a gift that strengthens me in times of crisis and to work for the best of my God-giveth gifts.

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Self-awareness (Part II)

The importance of Self-awareness. Self concept is called our image, we can attained positive self image by accepting yourself, recognized your strength/weaknesses, overcome fear, accept compliments, give compliments, precise yourself, engage in positive self-talk and maintain physical health. Accepting the way your self-concept increases your self-awareness. The more you understand why you view yourself as you do, the better you will understand who you are.

There are four (4) selves that represent each human person:

Known to others

- Open Selfrepresents all the information, behaviors, attitudes, feelings, desires, motivations, ideas and so on, that you know about yourself and others also know about you.

- Blind Self- represents information’s about yourself that others know but you do not.

Not known to others

- Hidden Self contains all that you know of yourself but keep hidden from others.

- Unknown selfrepresents those parts of yourself about which neither you nor others know.

Those four selves would be a way for each human person to aware of what kind of living they have, how they become aware oneself in order to achieve the dreams that they want and how to help them to motivate the desires of their heart in order to satisfy in a nice manner.

In realistic view about self-awareness, do not think of yourself more highly than you should. In other words, no superiority attitude. rather have a sober view of your strengths. On the other hand, do not exaggerate your weaknesses and look down yourself. Also, do not excuse or rationalize your weaknesses. We need a realistic view of both our strengths and weaknesses if we are to know our true selves. How we see ourselves may be clouded by the feedback messages we received about ourselves from others...But how could anyone known more about you than you? Do not feel emotions or think your thoughts; they do not face the issues that you wrestled with. No one could know you better than you! Therefore do not let others look down on you.

Some people may not be prepared to face the truth about themselves. This maybe true. Therefore, everyone must be prepared to listen to others, especially significant others. Allow them re-examine your own perceived self-image. There are no perfect people and there are not perfect parents. Nevertheless, from a practical viewpoint, our parents who gave birth to us have the opportunity to observe us at close quarters over many years, would have a clearer insight or our character than anybody else. Yo don't have to acept their views but at least listen to them.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Self-awareness (Part I)

What made us aspire for such life? What kind of life do we like to have? What steps will we take to achieve that life?

Every human being aspires to have a better life, we do something to get what we dream, we dream to the things which are impossible, we made things that could reach our dreams...but how we can handle it in a good manner?

We know that human being grow up in different traditions, cultures and beliefs. They attained a different philosophy of life, which help them to develop their living.

According to Tao Tzu, “knowing others is wisdom but knowing yourself is enlightenment.”

Awareness is the opportunity in the formation process. Because you nurture in self-awareness, you will be better understand why you feel what you experience and what you behave as you act. To grateful then gives you the chance and self-determination to transform those things you would like to change about yourself and create the life you want. Without fully knowing who you are, self acceptance and change become possible.

Why we want it …is transparency about what you are and what you desire empowers to willfully and keenly raise those desires a reality. Or else, you will persist to get “trapped” in your inner dramas unknown attitude, allowing unknown though processes to determine feelings and actions.

In our practice, self-awareness is the key that unlocks the riches of life. We have all the answers we need to the questions of our lives right inside of us. All we have to do is to learn how to access our own wisdom, this begins with self-awareness. By giving attention to our senses, thoughts, feelings and intuitions it will helps in diving deep into our emotions to tap their sources. Seeing our belief and how it creates our reality and discovering our deepest essence.

There are benefits of self awareness. the better you understand yourself, the better you are able to accept or change who you are. Being the dark about yourself means that you will continue to get caught up in your own internal struggles and allowed outside forces to mold and shape you. As we upgrade our knowledge and skills to keep up with the ever-changing society.

end of PART I.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Going to Mindanao's 2nd Bloggers Summit

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of Mindanao's Second Blog Summit? I'm sure you haven't, yet...

Mindanao is going to hold the biggest and the best second blog summit ever!! It will be held this October on the 25th and 26th day this year at Family Country Hotel and Convention Center, General Santos City. Yes, it's a two-days celebration and I'm sure every blogger will have lots and lots of fun. There will be a huge crowd of bloggers with fun-fun-fun games and other activities.

There is no age limits so, everyone is welcome to join and meet new faces. And guess what? I will be there so wait for me guys!!!

More info's visit here.

City Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.
Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio
Department of Tourism XII
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Bariles Republic
Gen. Santos City Tourism Association


AMA Computer Learning Center
Grab A Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101
Gregoria Printing Press


Asia United Bank
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel
Fine Pixel Advertising

GenSan Sale.Com
Blogging from Home Book
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Generals Logimark Exponent
Prints and You
Writing Edge.Com
Forest Lake San Carlos Park
Rolee Bakery & Cafe
Jehzlau Concepts
Jaypee Online.Net
Blue Media Communications
International Container Terminal Services, Inc
Shalom Wizard Academy
Dreamworld Travel and Tours
Sta. Cruz Seafoods, Inc.
Dellosa Design Build Services
Kristan Bookstore
DOLE Philippines
Husky Bus Lines
Shakey's Pizza
Family Brand Sardines
Gaisano Mall of GenSan
Chowking - KCC
Jollibee National Highway
Procter & Gamble Philis., Inc
Mega Sardinesc


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Back Again...

It’s a long time that I visit my blog…I decided to end this kind of stuff since I feel that I am one of those who are trying hard to write some articles in this site…I am not good in English something that I feel disgusting about it..I am too old to learn how to use the correct usage of grammar which sometimes my boss corrected my work…hmmmmm….I’m still lucky because my boss is not too strict instead he corrected my grammar..he always advice me to enroll again in my English 1 …(hehehehe) a nice way. But I replied him that my brain is already drained …an old woman like me has no chance to refresh any topic to listen from the professor, I think my professor will get irritated if I am his/her student…heheheh…

Well, it seems that my friend Elaine ( encouraged me to continue my blogging and advice me that writing any topics in my own blog sites might help me to enhance my English problem, through this my boss will be happy if he observe that I improved a little bit.

So, now I decided to cope my time and help myself to progress in this kind of stuff…I wish to myself that I can do it well, and change my life by blogging…hmmm….I hope that my visitors will enjoy to read some of my articles that I soon to write in my page…any comments and suggestions are welcome….now I decided to start one step of my dream in this kind of world…God bless you all…

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